Over the last four years we have witnessed an Information War unfold in our mass media. Fact vs fiction, truth vs propaganda, control vs. intellectual soveriegnty, power over vs liberty of the People.

This Information War has brought us no less than 144 media narratives definitively proven false, the largest Treason event in US history, and a historically low trust rating for the press.


This Silent War brought us the defeat of Saudia Arabia's 9/11-funding regime, ISIS, and Iran's world-leading sponsorship of terrrorism...
...no new wars, the ending of our endless wars and return of thousands of soldiers, a historic human and drug trafficking insurgency, historic trade and peace deals, the most inclusive economic boom in US history, and two Nobel Peace Prize nominations. https://dailycaller.com/2020/01/31/president-trump-executive-order-combating-human-trafficking/
Both wars have unfolded congruent with a Military Intelligence and Judicial investigation focused on Treason, Espionage, Sedition, and Crimes Against Humanity. Referred to as "Joint Jurasdiction" in the UCMJ, Barr-Durham are leading the domestic charge.

None of this is happenstance or coincidental. It is all the result of long-laid planning. Led by US patriots and partners worldwide, our world is changing in a profound way. The closer we get to impact (justice), the crazier they become. Buckle up. Nothing can stop Zero Day.
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