The steps to becoming a Hannibal Apologist:

1. Think Will is a sweet innocent puppy who didn’t deserve anything that happens to him and that Hannibal ruined his life.

2. Realize that, okay, maybe Will became smarter and wiser and started to push back.
3. Realize that maybe not ALL of Hannibal’s actions were completely unjustified and MAYBE Will had some of it coming.

4. Realize Will fucks over Hannibal as much as Hannibal fucks him over.
5. Realize that sweet innocent puppy Will was encephalitis Will, and the real Will begins at BSHCI. Whom by the way is smart and manipulative.

6. Realize that Hannibal did in fact what he thought was best for Will, so he could be free and love himself for who he was.
7. Realize Will is meaner, pettier and MORE manipulative and lying that you once assumed.
8. Realize Will has NEVER been innocent and happy, that Hannibal didn’t ruin his life, cause it was shit to begin with, that he was never happy or normal, he was in denial, hiding who he was in reality from the world, refusing to let himself be seen the way Hannibal could see him
9. Realize Will ACTUALLY fucked Hannibal over WAY MORE than Hannibal did him, cause Hannibal lost everything for him in the end.

10. Realize Will Graham is a mean, manipulative whore.
1 1. Realize Will Graham stabbed himself in Mizumono for being a mean, manupulative whore, and deserved to get his skull sawn open for lying to Hannibal and betraying him ONCE AGAIN, for being so proud and indecisive and attempting to keep his facade of the good righteous man.
12. Realize Hannibal Lecter did nothing wrong, never in his entire life, and got fucked over and lost EVERYTHING because he fell in love and wanted to see his beloved accept and love himself the way he accepted and loved him.
13. Realize neither of these two idiots are right in the head and they are both as dangerous and shit towards each other, that this is FAR from a healthy relationship, but while it may be toxic, and the way they express it is not a healthy one…
... , the love they have for one another is the purest most sincere thing they both feel, and it’s their love the beating heart that guides their actions, for better or worse. They deserve each other.

We all go through this journey eventually, I don’t make the rules.
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