Islamic law is based not on our intellect, but on revelation.

Intellect may complement revelation, but ultimately it must remain in submission to revelation.

But if you want to understand the matter intellectually, there are a number of apparent benefits to even...

...a non-territorial khilafa.

The spiritual aspect is the most important, so any analysis should begin with the spiritual. Khilafa is first and foremost a spiritual bond. It links us not only to the imam of the Muslims, but also to the Prophet, alaihi asalat wa salam.

This is because the institution of khilafa is based upon the model established by the Prophet, sal Allahu alaihi wa salam, as understood by his closest companions.

It also links us to the righteous scholars that followed in their footsteps, because there is a large...

...body of fiqh that is based upon that institution. To assume this fiqh has no value in the absence of large scale territorial control shows a limited understanding of the situation.

Spiritually speaking, khilafa is part of the sunnah and a door to divine guidance...

/4 any scale.

Thus, the preservation of khilafa is part of the preservation of the religion, and an essential act of worship.

One the level of the preservation of life, there is no question that an organization with a central leadership is more effective than...

...a wholly decentralized organization. Decentralized and centralized elements may exist within an organization at the same time, but the effectiveness of the whole organization will increase very much if there is coordination among all the different parts.

This applies to any activity, whether da'wah, running a business, an insurgency, state-building, or matters of government. Centralization allows different units of the organization to specialize in different areas and cooperate with others, to increase the overall potency.

An organization with a higher degree of inter-regional cooperation is thus much more likely to succeed in actually establishing zones that are outside of the control of the satanic Judeo-Christian-Pagan (secularist) forces.

Allah, subhanahu wa t'ala, says in His book:

(وَقَاتِلُوا الْمُشْرِكِينَ كَافَّةً كَمَا يُقَاتِلُونَكُمْ كَافَّةً)

"And fight them collectively, as they fight you collectively."

The Crusaders coordinate their war against the Muslims. After they sent soldiers to Iraq and controlled the first territorial seizure...

...of the Islamic State of Iraq, they then shifted their focus to Afghanistan. In martial arts, when your opponent attacks high, you counter attack low. It's a simple principle that you focus your resources to attack your enemy in his weak spot.

In terms of the other...

...aims of the sharia, such as the preservation of honor and property, there is no purpose in preserving them except with the preservation of the religion, and the religion is not preserved in a condition of domination and submission to the enemies of Allah.

If the religion is abandoned, the Muslims lose their honor. If the honor is lost, our enemies no longer fear us. And if our enemies do not fear us, then there is no security for our property.

The reality we live in today is that the protection of honor and property...

/12 proportional to our betrayal of the deen of Allah. The more we submit to systems of kufr, the more rights we are granted by the rulers. The modern religion of secularism has replaced Muslim-ahl ul kitab-mushrik as the ordering principle of society, and replaced it...

...with an ordering principle based upon nationalism. All of the rights granted in this religion are based on nationality, such that the one who refuses to participate in this system has no rights, and his life and property are not protected.

So those who suggest...

...that jihad fi sabilillah and a non-territorial khilafa cannot protect the rights of the Muslims are not considering those who exist outside the protection of the religion of secular nationalism, but rather those who have submitted to this religion.

For those who exist in Islam, as opposed to secular nationalism (and they are very few in number), jihad fi sabilillah increases the protections they have, even without total territorial control. How?

The mechanisms are many, so I'll describe just one as an example.

Immigration to the West acts a pressure valve for taghut puppet governments ruling the Muslims lands. It reduces the demand for jobs, and increases the amount of money sent to Muslim countries from the West. This increases the overall employment in Muslim countries...

...and minimizes social unrest.

With less social unrest, puppet governments can devote more of their available resources to the violent oppression of Muslims who refuse to accept the imposition of the foreign religion of secularism.

This involves arresting, torturing, humiliating, killing, and seizing the property of those who refuse to submit to secular nationalism.

The threat of the reemergence of Islam as a force on the world stage, embodied even by the symbolic presence of khilafa....

...led to an upsurge in anti-Islam sentiment in the West, resulting in a surge in support for anti-Muslim immigration policies. Immigration from a number of Muslim countries, including Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen has been cut back as a result. This means...

...for taghut puppet regimes there will be more pressure and less resources for oppressing and controlling those who exist outside of the legal dictates of the secular nationalist religion; most of whom are either mujahidin or individuals marginal to the institutions...

...of kufr governance, like the Rohingya, the Muslims of Central Africa, and others whose births are not registered in government registries and who do not carry national ID cards.

It is difficult to conceptualize these issues on such a broad level, but to do so is key...

...both to seeing through the deception of the kuffar and understanding the benefit of the actions of the mujahidin.

The kuffar hide their crimes by distributing them among a wide number of people, and they hide the benefit of jihad likewise by focusing on individual...

...bloodshed, while obscuring and hiding the broad based benefits.

I will not say that everyone who enters into the religion is a kaffir, because Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear, and Allah may excuse us due to ignorance or compulsion. Indeed, it is...

...allowed to bow and submit to idols (taghut) if our lives are threatened. However, practically speaking those who enter into this religion and practice it cannot be practically considered as belonging to the jama'ah of the Muslimin, nor is it the responsibility...

...of the imam to protect them.

So the idea that the actions of the mujahidin are not doing anything to protect the rights of the Muslims rests largely on the mistaken assumptions of who actually has the right to be protected, and the general diffusion of efforts.

To make an easy metaphor, if you had a small amount of butter, and you spread it over a large amount of bread, the butter would be so thin that someone could plausibly argue that there is no butter on the bread. But the reality of the Day of Judgment is that every calorie...

...and every tiny fraction of a calorie that we give in sadaqah will be counted.

If you anyone is interested in more hidden mechanisms by which jihad, even imperfect, modern jihad, actually advances the aims of the sharia, don't hesitate to ask.

Walhamdulillahi Rabbil 'Alamin
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