I’ve made a lot of “x is my Super Bowl” jokes over the years but the Princess Bride zoom is actually for real my Super Bowl
Cannot WAIT until everyone loses their shit at the line about everyone wearing masks in the future I CANNOT WAIT
Zoom is pain, Highness
Robin Wright’s internet connection is so much better than Cary Elwes’ internet connection and I’m sure this is a metaphor for something
Do u ever think about how Susan Sarandon took Chris Sarandon’s last name and just, like, *ran* with it
Josh Gad Is Just Happy To Be Here
Mandy Patinkin committing completely, right down to the rakishly unbuttoned shirt
Is Josh Gad doing an Andre the Giant impression or can we generously blame that very strange voice on connectivity issues
This is absolutely the Mandy Patinkin show (much as Inigo Montoya is the real protagonist of the movie)
Gotta admit I’m slightly disappointed he hadn’t drawn on cheek scars with eyeliner
This is a Mandy Patinkin’s Graying Chest Hair appreciation account
This is a Mandy Patinkin’s Elastic Facial Expressions appreciation account
This is a Wallace Shawn’s Hair appreciation account
I wish Cary Elwes had higher self-esteem re: his worth as a person who is aging in a normal human manner
That was the nicest way I could figure out to phrase that
Robin Wright is extremely good at being silently beautiful while men are talking around, above, and about her
Cary Elwes drinking ... lemonade??
Wallace Shawn is a living god
Do you think Christopher Guest knows he was a recent Learned League answer
Anyone else getting major Ian McShane vibes from Chris Sarandon?
Always so strange to me when blonde people pair up with other blonde people
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