When I think of the early and consistent and *leading* voices of twitter support for KDH, I think mainly of about a dozen Black women, a half dozen Black men, a few NA people and a few white people. About 30%, maybe more, LGBTQ.
All accounts who supported her before I did.
And those ratios in leadership made it more comfortable for someone like me than any other online group I’ve come across.

I love that about it.

Can we lift up diverse - and Black women - leaders? Not just in the candidate? 2/
A big public squabble is not good and please don’t make this thread one or I *will* hide them.

But I’d like to request that my white sisters and brothers in the KDH world use their voices to lift up other voices in their support of candidates (which THANK YOU!) 3/
But ALSO in your community interactions - online and off.

Diverse leadership is GOOD. I know you already believe this.

Just bring it to bear all around you.

Thank you.
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