reasons to believe that taekook's love story is the most beautiful in the world
"Why do I like them so much?
Probably because they never changed.
So many years passed, a lot of things have changed, but they haven't, from the bottom of the valley to the top" - ByMySide_KookV
warning! this is going to be a long thread. I'll share with you things that taekook share with us through the years and how their story was made with so much love, respect and loyalty.
Taehyung and Jungkook meet each other in 2011, two years before bangtan's debut. When Taehyung arrived at the dorms, the first one he noticed was Jungkook. Something about him caught Taehyung's attention at the first sight.
Taehyung even told us how Jungkook helped him when he became a trainee. Since Jungkook arrived 3 months earlier than Tae, he was able to help him a lot and they became close friends quickly! ☺️
As we all know, Jungkook was very very shy. He couldn't even take off his clothes in front of the guys, and they were together like all the time. But Taehyung helped him to break out of his shell. For JK, his was and is a reliable hyung.
And Jungkook don't hesitate to talk about how his hyung helped him so much.
The debut came and taekook was always together. Nothing could separe them. Genuine smiles everywhere.
Their admiration for each other increased every day. The two became more evident each day, for us and for the boys. In this performance, even when they all agreed to make eye contact between them, taekook just had eyes for eo.
Jungkook's admiration for Taehyung always been something obvious and he always make sure to let everyone knows how much he appreciates everything related to his hyung.
That time when Jungkook used to have a Taehyung’s picture as his wallpaper? Yes, his hyung brings happiness to him. 😊
Their bond was always so unique that they have a lot moments of them in their own little world, just having fun together.
Taekook admitted, for a Japanese interview, that they do romantic skits together. Tae even said JK was the only one who does it naturally with him. "we look into each others eyes and then we fall in love". 😩
But when you are so attached to someone, sometimes you have to face some jealousy, right? Well, taekook was terrible trying to hide it too.
Remember how proud Taehyung was of Jungkook on his high school entrance ceremony? Skinship was always in their vocabulary.
Some people say that when you are in love with someone, you'll always find a way to touch them, no matter what. They were enjoying this game so much, look at their faces.
Amaranth TK
Jungkook always praising Taehyung. Always. 😩
Their relationship grew closer and closer. Hugs and backhugs were increasingly common. Never forget their iconic titanic hug.
And things without any explanation for us started to happen. Jungkook wanted to be close to Taehyung, but how to make him understand that sometimes this is not possible? Well, their hyungs were there to protect them. cr. TaekookLove2
Remember when we talked about skinship being always on their vocabulary? 🥺
Taehyung could no longer mask his looks for Jungkook
So close.
They felt free enough and moments like this happened a lot. It was taekook just being themselves.
They always shared the same taste in music and never hesitate to hang out together listening to their unique playlist.
And apparently they used to share not only their playlist. 🤔
They used to share with us so many pictures.
Their tour in Japan in 2015. Taehyung never loses a chance to hug Jungkook.
They always find a way to end up everything being clingy together.
Taekook is about the details. Even that time when they were more open. If you don't pay attention to this tiny details, you won't be able to see what they have.
It's always so good to see how comfortable they are with eo. Since always. Nothing really changed.
Jungkook's crush start to show up more frequently.

🐰: isn't he handsome?
🐰: he's really fashionable.
🐰: look at his jawline.
This is what i mean when i say they always seemed comfortable with eo. Jungkook even felt asleep on taehyung's back.
Ps: This photoshoot video is not available anymore at their official YouTube channel. You will understand why.
Taekook decided to start showing to us their unique handshake.
In the beginning their handshake was just something they were doing for fun, without so much meaning behind it, just the pleasure they had to meet each other again.
Always adding something fun to it. Cute!
But something change through the years. Taekook added some little signs with a deeper meaning behind it.
And the meaning behind it? Beautiful.
"I promise I will love you forever".
48 minutes before Tae's bday in 2015, Jungkook and Namjoon posted their cover of fools, by troye sivan, an openly gay singer. But why am I relating this here? Well, next tweet i will explain how Jungkook related Taehyung, more than once, to this.
This song has such beautiful lyrics. But more than them posting it on Tae's bday, Jungkook related the word to his hyung more than once.

All credits to 
Secret touches everywhere.
cr. CHERRY k
Always having fun together. They had their dubsmash era in 2015. 🥺
When I say they used to post a lot.. I mean it.
In a radio interview, Joonie revealed that Jungkook prefers to be on Taehyung's room. So when the interviewer asked him to choose only one of the members he would like to share a room, he chose Tae :)
Nobody could stop them. Two little birds in love doing whatever they want, whenever they are.
Have you seen someone that happy to say their ship name with your bandmate? Yep, thats because taekook is not just a ship. Always have been more than that.
I will say just one thing about this moment: focus on how jungkook was nervous before all this happened.
Genuine smiles. There is nothing more beautiful than the way they are happy and comfortable with eo.
The more Taehyung grew, more he cultivated friendships wherever he went. But Jungkook had some difficulties in controlling his jealousy.
cr. TaekookLove2
As I used to say, taekook is not a fairy tale. I know we love to see only the good side of everything, but we need to face the reality. So let's talk about when taekook started being separated by b*gh*t.
This video is so painful to watch. You can see how Jungkook can't hide how upset he is. Taehyung is better in hiding his emotions, but if you pay attention, you can see he is upset as well.
So, fine.. If they can't interact in front of the cameras, why not when they are not being filmed? Or when they think they are not 🤭
Nobody can really stop Jungkook of being whipped for Taehyung.
Over time, they remained very close to each other, but more self conscious about the camera.
Kook called Tae when he was filming “flower bromance” with Minjae to ask when he will be back home. He sounded a little bit worried.

Remember what members said about JK? it's rare for him to call anyone or answer their messages.
On a day where tae was feeling sick at the airport, jungkook stuck by his side and protected him from the crowds.
Always together.
Taekook on ISAC 2016 always make me soft. The way Jungkook was so happy fixing Taehyung's hair, he can't stop smiling 🥺
Its cute to see how gentle Jungkook are with Taehyung. The way he touches his arms is really heartwarming 🥰
Their summer package 2016 in Dubai showed to us how intimate taekook became. They watching the sunset together, hugging. How beautiful is that?
Not to mention how much Jungkook enjoyed that.
Their trip to Dubai was really fun and they enjoyed it so much. When they went out to have dinner, Taehyung danced with locals their traditional dance. Jungkook's reaction was priceless.
This summer package is really something else. Taekook was so happy, having so much fun 🥺
Jungkook is a whipped man.
We are not here to judge you, Taehyung.
In the middle of 2016, we were able to see Taekook being more openly intimate. Closer than ever. Their eyes and their voices told us everything.
In this year, taekook were together literally all the time. On and off schedule. More intimate than ever, they couldn't keep their hand to themselves.
Never believe the false narrative of taekook not wanting to sing together. They love to do it. Since ever. And add this to the fact bughit never gave us and them nothing official, not a single cover. 😭
They were all the time glued together. In Korea, they used to call Taehyung as "Jungkook's" backpack, because he was literally all the time glued to his back.

See their smiles? Nothing can ever compare. I present to you: Jungkook's TaeTae smile and Taehyung's Jungkookie smile.
I mean, literally. When you search 전정국 백팩 (Jungkook Backpack) on NAVER, you get images of tae clinging onto jungkook’s back 😭💜
Look at the happiness in Tae's face. Clear like water.
Some interactions are well-known as fanservice. But this reactions? This reaction on Jungkook's face? Yep, nobody can control that.
It is so good to see them being free like this. And note the difference when JK went to see the phone on Tae's hand and when Yoongi and Jin came. Details. Smiles. So lovely.
Look at them 🥺
Jungkook was a MC for Music Core in 2016. Taehyung was worried about him, since he is a little shy, so he asked his friend, Minjae, to help him.

They always support and care about each other.
Always together.
Fasten your seat belts, Bon Voyage season 1 is coming.
In the very beginning of their trip, Taehyung couldn't join them because he was filming hwarang.

They did a vlive there, in the middle of it, Joon tells Tae to kiss JK for his national coming of age day.

Jungkook got clearly nervous after that.
1 day later, Tae joined them. And well, they were REALLY happy to see eo. After just a couple days apart. Well. 🤭
The boys and staff decided to do a prank with Tae, hiding his bag. But Tae realized what was going soon and decided to turn the tables.

Well, Jungkook knew it the exactly moment when Tae found out the true.
I will try not to make this longer than already is, so I will focus on the big events. I recommend you to watch all the episodes and take your own conclusions about their relationship on BV1. They were loud. Loud enough for you to understand what they have.
Taekook has a thing for saunas, wbk. Look at Jungkook's foot.
His foot. Please. Only his foot.
🐯 to 🐰: why are you so sexy?
They were so happy. 🥺
And well, that happened. Jungkook waited until the sunrise to take some pictures that day and when he came back, he decided it was better to sleep next to his hyung. Good morning or goodnight kisses? Well, he got both.
Moving on BV1. Never ever forget about Jungkook singing this song. And how he chose to sing the exactly part with "boy" when Taehyung asked JK to sing for him.
I can't believe this moment finally arrived. Taekook at the Smart Family Event in 2016. The moment that made me the taekooker I am today. Go watch the whole video with your eyes. You deserve it. 🥰
me in 2045: omg son look at this video
Jungkook's backpack, right? 🥺
Tour in Osaka. Probably you already heard about Japan being taekook's land, right? The reason behind this is we have so many cute and important moments there.
This vlive was in the middle of 2016. Tae started it n' was asked to go to a member room. He sent jk a msg, n' he replied immediately w/ his room n. Tae never mentioned he was live. Tae arrived, JK was naked and asked him to wait until he puts a robe on
Pay attention to details. Watch the vlive with your own eyes. Don't let others say what you should believe. Some theories out there just dont make sense. Be smart.
Forgive me, i forgot to add this on their debut era. Taehyung eyes on Jungkook's lips. Thats it.
Taekook asked for Jungkook to sing and then he put "Dear no one" on his phone. The lyrics:

Got that young love even when we're old
Yeah sometimes, I want someone to grab my hand
Pick me up, pull me close, be my man
I will love you till the end

Flirty taekook is my favorite concept. 😳
Subtle touches. They need it all the time.
🐰: man, he's sexy!
This video of Jungkook checking out Taehyung and them cutely teasing each other.
Trying to not get emotional right now but this was the day Love is Mutual was created by @ByMySide_KookV.
Im not going to share the video of this moment because its from headliner. But please, look at how cute they are! They were so touchy and happy that fansign.
What did Jungkook gave to Taehyung and then he put it on his pocket? Does it look like a ring? 😳 Yes, I think so.
What about that hand, Taehyungie? 🤭
In a fansign, a fan asked JK to dedicate a song for Taehyung. And he dedicated Let's break up, by by Lee Seung Gi.

Q: If Jeongguk wants to serenade V hyung with a song, what would it be?
JK: Let's break up~♡
Since there's a lot of controversial analysis about this video, ill share it here without cuts or editions. See with your own eyes.
Follow Taehyung and Jungkook's eyes, pay attention on their body language. And then take your own conclusions.
Here is the full video on youtube, Twitter don't let me upload more than 2 minutes.
Its a shame we dont talk about this moment enough. Jungkook pointing at Taehyung while doing hip thrusts. 🤭😏
Ok, this is heartbreaking. But I need to share with you how strong their relationship is. How they feel the pain the other is feeling.

Here, Tae was talking about his grandma and Jungkook's head was down and he was crying a lot.
You can literally see his tears falling down :(
Christmas 2016 commercial. Its Jungkook closing his eye while backhugging Taehyung for me.
"I'll be your man" 😳🤭
Hell yes.
I will never get tired of Taehyung praising Jungkook's talents.
Taehyung really (REALLY) loves Jungkook's muscles 😏
Remember that day when Taehyung was dancing rainism with Baekhyun and then Jungkook appeared faster than SK's wifi? He came literally out of nowhere 😂 And danced with them in a extra way. Really extra way.
The end of the video please 😂 And Baek's face. Im out. 😂😂😂😂
On ISAC 2017 they were glued together. Again. Playful babies.
Jungkook 👀
There is a iconic video of Jungkook hitting Taehyung's bu* but its from headliner and i refuse to share any content from here. So here it is cute moments from them on ISAC 2017.
They were so touchy in this run episode. Holding hands 🥺
This. Is. So. Intense. They were so close and Jungkook's eyes on Taehyung's lips? This is really their thing.

Never forget when Taehyung got drunk for the first time and ended up posting a lot of pictures on twitter, including a selca with Jungkook.
Jungkook trying to catch Taehyung’s attention.. And.. He got it. 😏
If the love is mutual, the jealousy is too. This was from when bts won their 1st win with spring day (💜). Look how much Jungkook is trying to get Taehyung's attention and - for me - looks like he is lost and trying to understand what happened 😪
The intimacy they share is something beautiful and definitely something unique to them.
Wings tour. As we all saw on BurnTheStage, JK was not feeling well. He had a hard time coz of the altitude in Chile n' he felt really sick. TH was worried about him all the time and even made the "ily" sign to him, to let him know he was there for him.
Credits to AnalisandoTaekook on YT. Go watch their whole video.
Please 😪
They showed the behind the scenes of Jk feeling sick. But b*h made it look like Tae didn't care about him at all. But when we look at the details, we realize they edited it and, in fact, Tae was there, waiting for him.. and Jk went directly at him when he felt a little better.
I strongly recommend you to watch Ansitless video about Burn The Stage. it will open your mind about everything.
Jungkook singing Nothing Like Us, looking at Tae and then he looks down and shily smiles. This song seems to be really important to them.
Sleepy babies.
They filmed this reaction in 2017. Can you see how even after so many years, they kept doing the same things and being so comfortable to do so? Taehyung's touches shows love, care and affection for Jungkook and this is so beautiful to watch.
In the run episode (21), the members were very frustrated that Tae couldn't get the UNO rules, so Jungkook asked Tae to give him some private advices on his room 🤭
So, its time for the season 2 of Bon Voyage. Just like season 1, i will focus on the big events. I recommend yall to watch the whole season and mostly the behind the scenes.

While doing a game, Tae sat on JK's lap and said the iconic "You're mine".
Their trip was to Hawaii. Here Jungkook is saying he wants do live there, and then, without hesitation, Tae asks him if he wants to live there with him. And Jungkook said yes 😭

This was not translated by the official edition. I wonder why. 👀
Love birds.
Tae was focused on writing a letter to jimin and jungkook went "but what about jungkookie?" Jungkook needs attention, Tae 🥺🥺
Never forget the iconic "Taehyung, if you do Jungkook will do it too". Not to mention the 'so much for romance' from Jimin 😂
Its not my intention to overanalyse anything here. But please, its so clear that Tae did it on purpose. 😂
The things Tae is saying to him. Pay attention on this convo. Its more deeper than only apologizing for dropping the juice on him.
🐯 Jungkook, there are many experiences like this in life.
🐯 This is what life is about. Thats just the way it is.

Is up to you to understand that in a light or in a deeper way.
Let's talk about how they ignored the whole sofa to stay together like this. Tae even taking off the pillow between them to stay closer.
Remember when we talked about Nothing Like Us being such a meaningful song? Well, i will not analyse this, but please, just feel what vibe Jungkook is giving while singing it in front Tae's room
Yes. Tae's room.
JK went live and said he was planning to stay with us for a long time. Tae asked him to end the live twice. In the second one, he used the term "private conversation" in korean thats is only used between two people REALLY close. Some explanations bellow
Once again, all the credits to 
Taekook trended just after that and to make everything better, the members spammed us with SO MANY posts that day. they tried, right 🤣🥴
On Festa 2017, all the members had to write or paint something on each others cards. On Taehyung's, Jungkook wrote "JK" and "JK's". Enough for me. And for you? 🤭
Er... Taekook? Am I interrupting something?🤭
Taehyung always been Jungkook's #0 stan.
The look Jungkook gave to Taehyung after he did he air hip thrust,, And what about that smirk Jeon Jungkook?
Jungkook threw the first pitch in a Japanese baseball game. Tae looked so proud of him. 😭
The tension between them, please.
Remember when b*h* let them have some tiny little moments on their 2017 memories DVD?
No captions needed. 🥴
Filming his babie 😔
Its the way Taehyung presses Jungkookie's close to him for me 😔😔😔
In a game they were supposed to guess the color of the wall above headboard in Jungkook's room. Jimin guessed wrong saying it was white.. But Taehyung interrupted and said "Excuse me, but Jungkook's wall are dark gray"

In a Japanese interviews, Jungkook revealed he was supposed to go to Jeju Island with him, but coz some circumstances they couldn't go together.

Remember that trip Taehyung did with Bogum to Jeju? Well :)
Yes, he literally pointed at Taehyung. How can you still believe that is nothing going between this two after this? 😅
🐰: V Hyung! Hyung please stop bitting off me, it hurts to death! It's something I feel always but.. you're quite handsome!
My dream is taekook, maybe someday, tell me why they did a korean traditional marriage dance in the middle of their concert.
When Taekook were together in Taehyung's room to watch the final episode of "Fight for my way"... And Jungkookie felt asleep.
The white t-shirt, Kim Taehyung!!!!! 😰😰
What.. was... the... reason? 🤭 Babies ♡
🐯: Happy Birthday to our Kookie!
And Jungkook used the same picture as the cover for his cover of 2U. Take some time to read the lyrics of the song. Its so so so deep. 😭
When it comes to you there's no crime.
Let's take both of our souls and intertwine.
When it comes to you don't be blind.
Watch me speak from my heart.

I could watch them talking all day long 🥰
Do you wanna tell us something, Taehyung?
🐰: bogum hyung or me? your hyung actors or me?"
And of course Tae chose Jungkookie. 🤭
🐰: u can wear your ties on casual days too
🐯: should i sleep with only a tie?
There is a reason why we call them "behind cams" couple. 😊
In a run ep, taekook sang "a daily song" together so emotionally.

"The lyrics used to sound like someone else’s story but it became ours, the only thing remaining r the ruined days, playing this song in my small room as I carefully call out to u again"
That was not the only time taekook sang this song together. And once again, you can see how passionate they sing it together.
Backhugs is really their thing.
im not crying, you are.
This video really makes me sad so i will just drop it here and pretend it never happened.
The important is that this happened just 3 days after the previous video.
Taehyung just loves ruffling Jungkook's hair :(
You say taekook and I say domestic couple.
Taehyung definitely has something for Jungkook's ears. Definitely.
Never forget their interview for Celebrity Acess. Jungkook intensively looking at Taehyung all the time and when he was asked about his celebrity crush, he subtly pointed at Tae. 👀 You can watch the full interview here
Everytime taekook get the chance to go to Japan, they really enjoy their time there 🥰
Tae can't take his hand off Jungkook. And please, USA is their land too. Its clear how they feel more open to stay together like this while in there.
This is just so cute. Jungkook running to get to Taehyung and then holding his hand :(
One of the hosts of MAMA 2018, Joohyuk, said "over there are the sweetest two shot in the universe" and then the camera focused on Taekook. They did their "i promise i will love you" handshake in the national TV 😩 (plus, the rapline' reaction ♡)
Sorry, it was MAMA 2017.
taekook singing along to got7’s "You Are" performance. the way they kept looking at each other with bright smiles 🥰
Starting from today, I’m gonna have something with you
I’m gonna call you every day
Even though I can’t eat gluten
I’m gonna go around eating delicious food with you
Never forget jungkook's smile growing bigger when taehyung appeared on the screen 😭
this was their live for festa 2017 and its one of the moments that made me realize that something was really going on with this two. this is such a long video so ill not upload it here, but I strongly recommend you to watch it. really.
Run ep40 and Tae was completely whipped by jungkook's cuteness. They are just so fond of eo.
🐰: do you like the MC?
🐯: I like him.
Jimin and Namjoon exposing them. I love it. 😏
Everything about this day screams taekook dating energy.
Namjoon moving Jungkook close to Tae is so meaningful and beautiful. And not to mention Yoongi's smile just after Joonie did that. I love supportive hyungs.
At the same day. 😭
26.01.18 - Taekook spotted on a private dinner in the Hyatt Hotel in SK, a luxurious hotel you must make reservations in advance to have dinner there. Jungkook also was filming Tae with his camera and when the staff told him he couldn't, he answered "don't worry, I won't post it"
And just one day after, Jungkook posted this on Fancafe.
This makes the theory that January 26th is a important day to Taekook stronger.

26.01.16: jungkook posted a cover of "nothing like us"
26.01.16: taehyung posted a cover of "how am i supposed to live without you"
26.01.18: date in namsan
26.01.20: taekook iconic grammys moments
Taekook singing together a break up song. They were singing it so emotionally. 😭
I couldn't find the video, sorry. cr. taekooktimeline
2018 was a difficult for BTS. I'll share later their speech for MAMA 2018 and you'll understand. JK posted this cover right after BTS came back from their little vacation, that we found out later it was exactly at the time they were thinking about disband.
+ This song is about working hard to give the best to his lover but losing that love in the process in favor of achieving success, then feeling empty.
BTS Festa 2018, BTS was talking about members inspiring and helping them, and then Tae told us bout Yoon being supportive with him. He sent him a long emotional letter, saying he loves him at the end. And then Yoon told us that letter was sent to 2 members. The second one was JK.
Its important to see how other members reacted. They were surprised because Yoongi don't do that, he barely answer then. But then he sent a letter to Tae and to JK, only to them, saying he loves them at the end. Yes.. Only to them. Why? 😌
In a Japanese interview joon asked jk why he didn't film taehyung while he was crying after reading yoon's letter and then jimin said "maybe he was beside taehyung crying too" and tae agreed and said "yes, that's right."

ok, im better now.
Dispatch posted a picture of Taekook at sunset. Just a beautiful of them being so close and in their own little world. And note, in the description they used the gay couple emoji. 😳
Just after it, someone (probably Jungkook) posted this pictures
Jihope told us in a interview that Taekook share their playlists only with each other. ♡
In an exclusive content filmed for memberships only, taekook was filmed kissing eo cheeks. They were the only one who kissed on the cheek.
Members were surprised and joonie even asked if it’s ok to post.

cr. taekooktimeline / closetdekv
A big taekook fansite @horizon_9597 gave them two rings from Tiffany during a fansign. And well, they loved it.
Domestic couple 🥺
In a run episode, taehyung said he’s afraid of heights so jungkook said: “look at me! just me!”
in this episode taekook were on the same team and i reccomend you to watch the whole episode (ep51). the way they were acting, gosh.. it screams boyfriends behavior.
Same seat. Yes.
Private collection i think.
Japan. Right? 🥲🔥
In a fanmeeting in Japan, Taehyung started singing "All of me" by John Legend and then called Jungkook to sing with him. Do you still believe they don't want to sing together? And please, pay attention on hobi's reaction
"Of you" or "Love you". Idk, let's ask what Hobi heard.
This is so freaking cute 😭 Jungkook's cheek on Taehyung's head and they holding hands.. They feel so damn comfortable around eo and you can't tell me otherwise
i love Japan. i really do.
Also in Japan. Jungkook, sweetie.. 🤭 Yabai.
My heart is weak for them.
In the run episode 52, they had to escape a closed room. Tae was very worried about the dry sauna, about his clothes and probably because urticaria (he already told us about it on weverse) and Jungkook find a way to help him. This is so cute, please.
Taehyung is #1 of Jungkook's compositions. And Tae choose that specific part to talk to armys. Interesting, right?

"so show me.. I will show you"
Taehyung is Jungkook's babe. Confirmed.
Remember when Taehyung gave Yoongi a piggyback before they accepted an award on GDA 2018? Jeon has some questions about it 😂
For reference (taegi make me weak. this is SO CUTE 😭)
Taekook in the USA has the same vibes that Taekook in Japan. ♡
Remember when Tae told us he sleeps better if he is hugging a pillow? Jungkook gave his pillow to him on the plane to make sure he would have a quality sleeping. 😭
Jungkook is in love. Thats it. Thats the tweet.
Yes, Taekook in USA is something else. And I love that.
Never forget when a fan made jungkook sign a selca contract at the fansign & he kept to his promise by posting one featuring taehyung.
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