Hi! I’m Dr. @raewynngrant. I am a large carnivore ecologist, @NatGeo Explorer, #scicomm creator, & storyteller. I study the movement and behavior of bears and lions in areas with increasing human activity.
I’m excited to take over @InsideNatGeo to kick off #BlackMammalogists Week and give you a chance to meet our 18 founders! I’ll let @BlkMammalogists introduce themselves…
“I’m Christine Wilkinson ( @ScrapNaturalist) a conservation biologist at @UCBerkeley & #NatGeoExplorer. I study how spotted hyenas and other large carnivores interact with people & livestock, & how they move through developed landscapes.”

Photo by: Jessica Ortiz
“I’m @Rhiannon_Kirton, an MSc student studying white-tailed deer spatial ecology in 🇨🇦. I’ve previously worked with grizzlies, bats, Tasmanian devils & mammals found in Montana’s prairies. I’m a first-gen uni grad and love all things mammal related, esp spotting them on hikes!”
“I’m Jen Hunter ( @jenhunter2010). I’m from Seattle but now live in Carmel Valley, CA where I am the director of the @HastingsReserve. I love my job, and I love being a #blackmammalogist.” #momscientist #teamskunk
“Hey y’all, I’m Alex ( @n8ture_al). As an undergrad, I researched oldfield mice using early successional habitats. I have studied bat diversity and abundance in Sabah, Malaysia, and currently I solve human and mammal pest wildlife conflicts.”
“Hi! I’m @kenleecalhoun, a #NatGeoExplorer & @UCBerkeley PhD student at studying the impacts of California #wildfires on mammal species. I hope this work can help enhance the resilience and the conservation of deer & other wildlife species under California's changing climate.”
“Hi everyone, my name is Justine Hudson ( @justinehud), and I'm a biologist studying marine mammals in the Canadian Arctic. I'm a professional beluga snot collector interested in using hormones to better understand the life histories of Arctic marine mammals.”
“My name's Asia Murphy @am_anatiala, and I spy on wildlife. I put up trail cameras in forests and learn about how many animals are in an area, what kinds of habitats they like, how they coexist with each other, and what times they're active...all from the pictures I get of them!”
“My name is Joelle Jenkins ( @NappyHairRevel). I’m a senior at @UNC_Colorado and a McNair Scholar, and my research looks at the varying identities Black individuals hold and how that may impact their consideration of natural environments (CNE).”
“I’m Gabi Fleury ( @fleurygs)! I’m a conservationist and technologist whose research focuses on mitigating predator and livestock conflict in Southern Africa. I’m applying to PhD programs this year and preparing to go on a Fulbright to Botswana!” #BlackinSTEM #BlackMammalogy
“I’m Kaylee Arnold ( @Black_Ecologist). I used to research the behavior ecology of whales & dolphins off the coast of Italy & California. Now I'm a disease ecologist focused on understanding the impacts of human-altered landscapes on disease transmission b/w humans & animals.”
“Hi! I’m @Tykee_James. While I don't study mammals academically, mammalogists' research informs my policy positions. Wildlife conservation can be a barometer for climate solutions, land mgmt strategies & public health. Fun fact: I've been dancing salsa y bachata since I was 12!”
“Hi, I’m Jazmin (Sunny) Murphy ( @highscicomm). I’ve conducted research on the cognitive and behavioral ecology of coyotes, primarily using camera traps and tracking. Now, as a writer, I hope to stir up the same enthusiasm I feel for these topics in the public, especially BIPOC.”
“I’m Dr. Tommy Parker ( @drtommyp), and my research addresses the question, ‘What are the habitat and landscape features of cities that influence the ecological adaptations and biodiversity of mammals in urban systems?’ I study this across various habitat and landscape scales.”
“I’m Dr. Danielle Lee ( @DNLee5), an Asst Prof. of Biology at Southern Illinois U. Edwardsville & a #NatGeoExplorer. I’m interested in the natural history, ecology, & behavior of nuisance rodents. I use various techniques to study rodents’ behavioral responses to novelty.”
“I’m Dr. Nyeema Harris, an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at @UMich. Trained as a carnivore ecologist and disease ecologist, I now seek to understand the biogeography of ecological communities through a number of approaches.”
“I’m Dr. Christopher Schell ( @cschell_canids) an Assistant Professor at @UW.

I’m an urban ecologist whose research integrates evolutionary theory with ecological application to disentangle the processes accentuating human-carnivore conflict.

Coyotes are my specialty!”
“I’m Tyus Williams ( @sciencewithtyus), a wildlife ecologist with a specialization in carnivore ecology. I’m intrigued by how predators interact with their environment and influence the wildlife species around them. I’m also a science communicator!”
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