Remember how Yunhosbear was a thing until she disappeared and now everyone thinks she left ATEEZ fandom? Just wanted to let y'all know that she didn't and she's still having video calls and shit talking ATINY.
She profits off international ATINY because they're all stupid and will fall for anything because they are desperate. She does group orders for ATEEZ photocards because it gets her into video calls but she does not tell her buyers that she is applying.
She has shit talked members even after apologising for her old self. She is San biased but she constantly is complaining about how he acts during their video calls and calls him robotic and says he is just following a script with every ATINY which she doesn't like.
She was happy and celebrated when the Europe and USA tour was cancelled while everyone who couldn't see the boys was heartbroken she was only happy about it and said she couldn't wait to see how many people dropped them because of that.
She always says that she will do things to piss off international ATINYs since as getting into Perrier fansign and having basically every broadcast PC of San and Yunho.
During desperate times of not being able to buy EP 1 and EP 2 albums she took advantage of ATINY and sold them for higher / did bids knowing that they would be restocked (while others didn't) and when they announced reproduction she was glad she already sold hers for $$$.
While ATINY are getting meaningful tattoos for ATEEZ and getting cute designs or drawings for them she will complain about them. She hates them and says that they are all just matching with one another (every ATINY who gets similar tattoos for them)
She once made an ATINY feel very horrible when they got a tattoo for Yeosang before of something he wrote for her at a fansign, making it seem Yeosang hated it when he really had no problem with it, it was only her who really did.
I must add that even though Jongho is an underrated member and he is lower in rankings / priority for PCs she celebrates when she doesn't get many of his PCs for her group orders, which I know people have their PC sorting but it feels really saddening for me and others.
I have many proof that I don't want to post yet, but it is there. She has done so much since she vanished from yunhosbear / yunhosgom. Her other accounts are PromiseATEEZ, promisebear99 and kstocksales. Please be careful and do not buy from her.
This is the proof that I have it’s her selling account. She doesn’t like her name being out there and tries to avoid putting it on packages so ATINY don’t find out that it’s her doing all of the orders.
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