Welcome to today’s pontification. I am seeing an alarming trend from Patriots who wish to go out and take the fight to the “enemy”. Mass gatherings in the streets, armed and ready.
I am going to assume that at least some stating this are Patriots with good intentions of protecting the Republic. Some are division shills for sure, but I hesitate to paint broadly with any brush.
First off, lets just look at the logical side of things. Q has said to stand up, AS DIGITAL WARRIORS, and fight. NOTHING has been said about taking this to the streets. Memes and red pills are our weapons, and the weapons Q wants us to use in this fight.
Second, POTUS would have been asking us to assemble on the streets. He hasn’t for a VERY good reason. In fact, out side of the Trump organized events rallies, no mass gathering has been encouraged. Why? Security and policing.
Third, POTUS designated September as National Preparedness month. That means stocking up and preparing your HOME and neighborhood, not hitting the streets in a town 30 miles away that has riots already happening.
Fourth, strategy and tactics. The left has been trying to bait POTUS into declaring Martial Law for months now. But he keeps refusing. Why do you think that is? Because if he were to do so, it would play right into their playbook.
Sun Tzu, always do the unexpected and opposite of what the enemy wants and needs you to do.
Fifth, Patriots are in Control, Enjoy the Show, who puts on a great show? Great Actors!
All phrases Q has used. This has all been planned for, and possibly scripted for a desired end result. Trust me, if we are needed, armed, in the streets, we will be told of that need.
Assuming this is all scripted, the chaos you are seeing is THERE FOR A REASON. There are many sheep that still need to be woken, and the crazy will continue to ramp up through the election.
Just think, how many people have taken the red pill since the riots and unrest has begun? MASSES. Do you think that’s by chance? Kek!
Getting back to the gathering idea, let’s say we get 1000 people together and go hit the streets in Portland. Most of the Patriots would be armed, pistols, AR’s, etc. BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT EVERYONE THERE IS REALLY A PATRIOT???
All it takes is ONE plant, an Antifa dressed as a Patriot, to take a pot shot at an Antifa member, and a full-on shooting engagement breaks out.
A shooting war that no one thinking rationally wants. A shooting war that will create mass casualties on a scale not seen since our Civil War. One that DWARFS the incidental casualty rate we are currently experiencing.
I’m not trying to diminish the sacrifice of those who have died, but this IS war, and some deaths will result. It cannot be avoided totally. But it sure can be MITIGATED, which is EXACTLY what POTUS and the MIL are doing.
ANY other path leads to mass casualties. Period. End of discussion.
So, bottom line. Stock up, prepare, be ready to defend home and castle, and help neighbors in need out, but DO NOT GO OUT SEEKING A FIGHT. You are playing right into the lefts hands if you do.
And most of all remember, where we go one, we go all!
Thank you for reading.
Oh, and please, RT the heck out of this. Id like this to get as much play as possible. Everyone needs to be aware and see IMO.
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