🇺🇸I’m a big football fan.

🇺🇸Been playing and watching the game since the 60s. Big NY Giants fan here. Go Blue.

🇺🇸Thing is, I could care less about the NFL this year.

🇺🇸200,000 Americans are dead. Needlessly.

🇺🇸This is sinking in, right?

🇺🇸I admit, I dipped my toe in the water Thursday night for the kickoff to the season. Many of the players peacefully and respectfully protested during the anthem, because my God, how couldn’t they?

🇺🇸And they were booed.

🇺🇸They were booed by people who claim to want normalcy in their lives, but do everything in their white power to prevent it. Nobody tells these people what to do, except that guy in the WH who has liberated them to act the dangerous fool.

🇺🇸This is sinking in, right?

🇺🇸They want their football back, but can’t be bothered to wear a mask, because it’s all a hoax.

🇺🇸They want their football back, but can’t be bothered to consider for one damn minute the awful inequity people of color are dealing with in this country every, single day.

🇺🇸And those football players they boo? Mostly African-Americans … Fuck ‘em. Shut up and play.

🇺🇸They want their football back, but have somehow ignored the words of their guy in the White House who told us on tape this week he knew all along how deadly #COVID19 was, and then lied to everybody about it. Now 200,000 Americans are dead.

🇺🇸This is sinking in, right?

🇺🇸Americans are dying at a ghastly rate every hour. Healthcare workers, lawyers, students, plumbers, teachers, moms, dads, sisters, brothers … they are dying. DEAD. GONE.

🇺🇸And it didn’t have to be this way.

🇺🇸This is sinking in, right?


🇺🇸Look, I don’t know what the future holds anymore, but I do know this: Nothing gets back to normal until we have a national plan to get this killer pandemic in check, like every other fucking country in the free world.

🇺🇸 @JoeBiden has a plan.

🇺🇸Biden is running against the guy in the WH who is killing Americans.

🇺🇸So it seems important I spend my afternoon phone-banking, messaging & doing everything I can to get people into government who give a shit about saving American lives.


🇺🇸And with a national plan in place, and a guy in the WH who will protect us, not feed on us, I’ll be the first guy flopping on the couch next year to watch my beloved Giants kick the Cowboys ass.

🇺🇸Go Blue.

🇺🇸 #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

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