You need both of these types of groups to make a transformational group learning experience.

1/ Definitions

A Destination Group is a community in which the members are already doing what you aspire to do.

A Journey Group is a community of other novices who want to make the change you want to make, and together you make this journey.
2/ Why group learning works

∙ Learn More From Others' Struggles
∙ Shortcut Learning with Mentors
∙ Build and Sustain Momentum
∙ The Power of Constraints
∙ Closed Feedback Loops
∙ Keeps You Accountable
∙ Keeps You Honest
∙ You’re Not Alone
∙ Big, Hairy Goals
3a/ Why do you need both group types?

Destination and Journey Groups excel at different things.

JGs are better for learning from the similar struggles of others.

JGs are better for finding partners to keep you accountable and honest.

You get tighter feedback loops from JGs

DGs set the constraints around which an overall learning experience is built.

DGs let you shortcut learning by exposing you to the ideas and frameworks of mentors.

Similarly, being around those you look up to motivates you to set bigger, hairier goals.
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