I work at a unionized K-8 charter school in the Bronx that decided in July that we'd be starting the year remotely. The school spent August improving remote teaching and during the last week of August every student got an I-pad or a laptop, depending on age. 1/7
When families came to pick up the devices they also got a large backpack full of books, math tools, notebooks and other needed school supplies. Last week we started teaching children. The ops team is helping families without internet get access. 2/7
Next week every student will get a daily school schedule including age-appropriate amounts of synchronous and asynchronous work. Individualized schedules for students with IEPs and their their mandated services to the best of ability. 3/7
Schedules also include specials and enrichment classes in visual arts, drumming, Spanish, poetry, dance, drama, karaoke, PE, technology and coding, and science with specialists and teaching artists. Students will get home deliveries of supplies for these classes too. 4/7
Some time in the next few weeks we'll start an optional after-school meet up in the park for families who want to drop their kids off for an hour to see friends and socialize. 5/7
It's far from perfect, but it's miles ahead of what is happening in the NYCDOE where the @NYCMayor and @UFT are wreaking havoc with their partnership to reopen the economy at all costs. They are shredding the public education system in the name of #equity. 6/7
If the funding and will is there for this to happen at some schools it should be able to happen at all schools. @MOREcaucusUFT #RemoteUntilItsSafe #WontDieForDOE #taxtherich #DefundThePolice #fundourschools #BlackLivesMatter 7/7
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