There's going to be a lot of net metering talk this week on #NHPolitics. Let's start the conversation by getting one thing clear - Democrats are leading the fight, but they didn't put net metering bills on @GovChrisSununu's desk alone. All 3 vetoed bills passed w/ GOP support.
This isn't "Sununu v. Dems". Bipartisan lawmakers have been trying to expand renewable energy capacity for 3 years. 2 of the 3 bipartisan net metering plans Sununu vetoed literally had Republican prime sponsors.
In 2018 (when Leg. had GOP majorities), SB 446 enjoyed bipartisan cosponsors and it passed both the @NHHouseofReps & @TheNHSenate on a voice vote. Still, Sununu vetoed it.
In 2019, HB 365 had bipartisan sponsors. It passed @NHHouseofReps 254-98 and it passed @TheNHSenate on a voice vote. Regardless, Sununu vetoed it and @NHHouseGOP sustained the veto.
This year, the Legislature passed SB 159 - a net metering compromise prime sponsored by @SenJeb w/ support from both parties. It passed @TheNHSenate 24-0 & @NHHouseofReps 227-128. Once again, Sununu vetoed this bipartisan net metering bill.
The Senate already voted to override the veto of SB 159 in March 17-7. (Worth noting that 7 Republican Senators who originally supported the bill voted to sustain the veto). Now, all eyes are on the House this Wednesday - Veto Day. If they override, SB 159 becomes law.
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