The true evil of the Electoral College is that makes the vast majority of people's vote not matter, and by extension it makes their lives not matter to politicians.

Trump has no reason to care that California is on fire. Literally none. Because he can't get votes from it.
The crazy thing is, most of the towns burning in California are Republican parts of the state! It's Trump-supporting farmers and loggers losing their livelihoods. And he has no political incentive to give a fuck because California's a blue state and their votes don't matter.
Every state has Democrats and Republicans. Every state has regions of voters with different needs and interests.

If we had a national popular vote, politicians would be forced to listen to all of these disparate groups. Under the Electoral College, most of it doesn't matter.
The entire reason we have the idea of red and blue states — the only reason our politicians and our media stereotype each state as latte-sipping urban elitists or backwards cow-tippers from Bumblefuck County, Nowhere — is that the Electoral College artificially makes them so.
This is why I want to slam my head on a desk whenever someone says the Electoral College is necessary to ensure small/rural/middle/whatever states are properly heard.

It does the opposite. It makes politicians see each state as a bastardized, one-dimensional parody of itself.
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