Immediate responses, and limit setting, are key to psychological management, for a president as well as the public, so that fair elections can happen. Doing nothing under fatalism that he will not be held accountable will ensure that he is not held accountable!
Here are some examples:
1. Nancy Pelosi could hold televised hearings on the evidence that has come out of his lying; indictment is not the point—televised hearings are.
2. Anthony Fauci could team up with other scientists to establish firmly what the scientific guidelines are.
We can make recommendations, from behind the scenes, on how to frame/justify these hearings and to do them so as to have a PSYCHOLOGICAL effect on containing the president and lessening his hold on his followers.
Of course, quintessential would be to limit his exposure to his followers, which works like hypnosis (this is why psychoanalyst Ruth Ann Wilner called them “spellbinders”), but this does not seem possible, and so we must counter it.
We must continually, repeatedly, stay with the TRUTH, not with what is politically feasible. And then invite in mental health professionals to explain why there is not an agreement on facts and truth, and how to tell apart valid reality testing.
Also: 3. Joe Biden needs to come out daily and emphasize science, reality, safety, and fairness of elections, the way Andrew Cuomo did to counter the Trump narrative.
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