Moon Check!
NW Indiana here and it’s still in the northeastern sky but it has such an alluring crescent to it

If you look directly up and to the south a bit, you will see either Mars or Mercury.

There’s no way in hell that the moon is 256,000 miles away
But then again who made the initial measurement? Oh and how did they pack that dune buggy onto that tin foil contraption

Oh and there’s your curved water theory debunked Gloooobies.

Bet you even sit to pee. I’d go all in on that one.

Look who verified it ...
The Vatican and then Freemasons.

I’d rather trust having all my information stored on Microsoft Vista than to trust these 2 sets of swashbuckling booty bandits.

The 33rd degree initiation gets a tramp stamp of a bullseye that says “Hit it here Buckaroo”.
A woman has got to be one of God’s greatest creations (second would be Yoga pants....and that is NOT up for debate)
Ladies.... Sir Mix a Lot said it best.

36-24-36. Eh. Only if she 5’3”

Keep them curves!

Oh and if you got an Adonis belt... your Uber is waiting.
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