How can you look at this and not see the resemblance to the #BrownShirts who gave rise to #Hitler

This is what's happening in the USA with police forces against citizens and reporters

Their dear leader is #Trump
#Trump speaks of and runs on #Fear and #Terror

He wants complacency of the masses

He's friends with the dictators in this world, rather than our allies

If you don't think it can happen here, WAKE the FUCK UP

#Trump's #ArmedNeighbors are looking for #Antifa 😠
In #Trump's 'Murica they are..😦
Adding to my thread

These are indeed, dark times 😞😡

F*CK #Trump and his ilk
Adding to my thread from last night

The police in this country are not here to "protect and serve"

They are #BrownShirts aka violent Stormtroopers

Please read this thread about what happened to this reporter

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