how the fuck did anyone in this generation read/watch Holes as a child and not grow up to realize that prison DOES NOT EQUAL justice?
a story about the prison pipeline, slave labor, and poverty? cmon y'all. when Caveman teaches Zero how to read, in exchange for Zero digging 2 holes a day, the other kids call Caveman a slave master and ask him where his whip is. fucking incredible.
all because Caveman is a white kid who received an education, and is taking advantage of Zero's illiteracy.
the foreman at one point in the movie says "this is America, we speak english." he is consistently painted as an evil man.
cw death ---- Sam is shot after the drunken white sheriff confesses he planned to lynch him. if i were Kate i'd go on a murder spree, too.
super fucking traumatizing scene of Zero, after stealing shoes, sprinting down the sidewalk when he hears sirens approaching. holes said fuck 12, we say fuck 12.
also interesting thing i noticed on this rewatch - the kids in the camp are either BIPOC, or neurodivergent white passing children. to louis sachar, that was the juvenile prison population. this fucking narrative, y'all.
also full disclosure when i was 9 i had a huge crush on Brenden Jefferson as X-Ray. remembered that during this rewatch.
update --- i did not expect this to get popular, i stand by these tweets and would like to add that the Yelnats family paid the Zeroni family reparations, both by Caveman carrying Zero up God's Thumb, and by giving Zero and his mom $$.
while you're here donate to @OpticalBlocPDX, a mutual aid effort that's getting Portland protesters free eye care and glasses. shameless beg, pls contribute to the cause. or any other mutual aid group on this list---
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