David Becker, who falsely testified that it wld be difficult to hack voting machines bc they supposedly never connect to the internet, is featured in my video. He just called me a “Russian asset” 4 exposing his crap testimony. Pls report his tweet. TY. 1/
Here’s his defamatory tweet. Pls report him and his tweet. And pls share my video. Notice that he does not claim anything in the video is false. Because he can’t. Thanks. 2/
I think his handle is BeckerDavidJ. 4/
And Becker is apparently also upset that I expose Jessica Huseman (ProPublica) for spreading the same misinformation. They never explained how they got it so wrong. Was it deliberate? Were they relying on the vendor? It’s not a small “detail”. 5/
It’s also not difficult to understand that what they said is BS. I quote some real election security experts here. 6/ https://link.medium.com/7vLvEwCGJ9 
A well-informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.” - Thomas Jefferson

Too bad Becker doesn’t understand this. #ProtectOurVotes 7/
Oh. I forgot to mention that Becker is paid by @GASecofState, one of the worst vote suppressors in the country. 8/
11/ Partnership between Becker’s group (he founded it) & @GaSecofState.
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