Idiocracy come to life
"We're gonna win four more years in the White House, and then we'll negotiate, because based on the way we were treated, we're probably entitled to another four years after that" -- Trump, slurring, began his rally in Nevada by teasing that he intends to serve more than two terms
This guy slurring his way through conspiracy theories and bragging about having an overflow crowd during a pandemic is somehow President of the United States
Trump says "the biggest problem the country has right now" is the media -- not the coronavirus pandemic
Trump, slurring, calls Joe Biden "a pathetic human being." If a guy sounding like this approached you on the other street, you'd run the other way.
This is what Fox News is covering instead of the Trump rally
The first woman Trump mentions during his rally is Donna Brazile. His audience responds by chanting "lock her up!" Trump responds by calling for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned.
"Her lawyers should go to jail with her" -- Trump on Hillary Clinton
"By the way, the US Marshals did a great job in Portland. You know what I mean" -- here's Trump endorsing US Marshals killing a purported antifa sympathizer who was allegedly involved in a murder
the guy with the nuke codes is out of his mind and so are his supporters. it's a hate movement
"We have a rigged election. It's a rigged election" -- Trump plants the seeds for challenging the results of November's election
Trump, slurring, whines that because of his rally's remote location in Minden, Nevada, he wasn't able to use Air Force One as a prop
"The only way we're tied is if they screw around with the ballots, which they will do in my opinion" -- Trump on the state of the 2020 race
"He wants to ban energy" -- Trump on Biden. Just totally absurd.
Trump claims that Democrats want to "indoctrinate your children with poisonous anti-American lies in school." If there's a meaningful distinction between this sort of stuff and fascist rhetoric, I'm not sure what it is.
"We're at like, around 180,000 ... we've done an incredible job" -- Trump undercounts the US coronavirus death toll by about 15,000 human beings
"The reason we show many cases, because we have the best testing program in the world by far" -- Trump still doesn't understand that coronavirus testing does not cause coronavirus cases
Trump claims that Biden's election will "permanently destroy the lives and dreams of tens of millions of Americans ... and lead [to] countless deaths from suicide."

There really aren't words to describe how absurd all of this is. Policy analysis is impotent to deal with it.
"I hope you're all going to be poll watchers, because with you people watching the polls it's going to be pretty hard to cheat. I'll tell you, I wouldn't want to be a cheater" -- Trump
I challenge you to make sense of this Trump rant about antifa
"It is about forest management. Please remember the words, very simple -- forest management." -- Trump searches for a way to blame Democrats for the West Coast wildfires
"He kissed his ass!" -- Another classy moment at the Trump rally
"They spew more crap into the air than anything ... we gotta talk to the environmentalists" -- Trump lies about wind turbines
"This is really where you see the president at his strongest ... this was a big win for him" -- the local Nevada TV analysis of Trump's unhinged, lie-filled speech in Minden is really something
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