why every single member is needed — an ot12 debut thread (part 2: geonu and heeseung)
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geonu — our main vocal, their rock, heeseung's best friend
i could go on for hours and hours about how needed geonu's vocals are. you need a main vocal like him, to hit those high notes and belts, to have a strong and powerful mid range. yes,+
rn, the members have a good lineup of vocals, but no one can do the same parts that geonu can do. bighit may not have super super well known vocals, but in every people they have people who can hit them. without him, i'm afraid that some of the+
other members will have to try to do them as well. unless bighit chooses to give them songs that don't have high notes which is...idk. i just know how incredibly beneficial and necessary his vocal abilities are. furthermore, he's a good dancer
even if he was never praised for it, we know how good of a dancer he is from predebut videos. in terms of facial expressions, i have no doubt that he will work harder to improve. in terms of his role in the group, we know that he's a voice of+
logic and reason. like the others have said, he keeps them together and stabilizes them.
(i also can't forget the fact that he's literally heeseung's best friend. they way he cried and hugged him for like 7 minutes broke my heart.) #TWELVEILANDERS #ILAND12Project
geonu's gotta come back!!! #TWELVEILANDERS #OT12JailParty
heeseung — our true ace, leader material, dependable
wow there’s so much to say about this man. it’s pretty much universally acknowledged how much he brings to the show and how talented he is. if heeseung doesn’t debut+ #DEBUTOT12 #ILAND12Project
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i’ll be so so so shocked. his skills are insane and he’s such an amazing performer. i know that the debate for potential leader is never ending just because of the great leadership that multiple members have shown but+ #DEBUTOT12 #ILAND12Project
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no matter who the leader is, i think that heeseung really does bring the group together. like bang pd said, not everyone can stand in the center, act like a glue and make everyone around them look good as well. #DEBUTOT12 #ILAND12Project
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furthermore, ik this is can be both negative and positive but my statement stands (i read this somewhere so credit goes to them) but heeseung is like i-land’s insurance. he’s reliable and sturdy. he always delivers because he’s just that good. however,+ #DEBUTOT12 #ILAND12Project
im afraid that if this is a continuing trend, he may crack multiple times from the pressure of having to be a main vocal, main dancer, rapper, producer and potential leader. it’ll take a toll on him, and i don’t want it to happen. #DEBUTOT12 #ILAND12Project
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that’s why despite his incredible skills, he’s still just a 19 year old. he needs the members to lean on. you’ve seen how happy he is with all of the trainees. don’t take them away from him pls 🥺 we love his smile. #DEBUTOT12 #ILAND12Project
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