1) This is my Q thread for September 12, 2020

My Theme:
Now Think Fires
2) I am aware that Q map is offline.
I don't know if or when it will return, so please don't ask me.
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Please research responsibly and make note of (bookmark) these other Q websites.
3) Yesterday, Q posted a map showing wildfires in the western U.S.
9) Despite the fact that many of the current fires were started by arsonists, California Governor Gavin Newson blames them on climate change.
10) So does Governor Cuomo.
11) So does Hillary Clinton.
12) So does Barack Obama.
13) Democrat leaders are demanding that they be elected to positions of power.
If they are not, they promise you, this is the future you'll be condemned to.
14) Here's their proposition.
15) The Portland FBI wants you to know that these fires are not being set by extremists.

They're "mostly peaceful" arsonists.

16) Please don't waste their time with your conspiracy theories. 🙄
17) Q posted links to news articles about arson arrests (some of which are posted above).
21) Many arsonists are using fireworks as a source of ignition. https://twitter.com/MultCoSO/status/1304577271429099520
23) This would-be arsonist was held at gunpoint by the homeowner until the police arrived.
24) From the board.
25) Q responded.
26) An anon had an answer to the FBI's claim that fires are not started by extremists.
27) Q replied.
28) Q posted a link to a tweet and a link to an article.
29) Washinton State Patrol caught another arsonist. https://twitter.com/wspd1pio/status/1304147032844632064
31) Q posted a link to the website for the Signal app.
32) Because of its encryption methods, Signal is a favorite communication app of people who don't want law enforcement snooping on them.

But when a judge forces you to unlock your phone, the evidence of your crime(s) is no longer a secret. https://signal.org/ 
33) Signal has been a hot commodity ever since POTUS took office.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey endorsed it.
35) Are anti-Trump protesters coordinating their activities on the Signal app?

If one were to analyze the number of downloads and compare the data to the timing of protests (riots) you might see a correlation.

The same is likely to be true for fires.
36) People have been asking why http://Antifa.com  redirects to Joe Biden's donation website.

Q asked if it's similar to why donations made to Black Lives Matter are used to support DNC backed political candidates.
38) This discovery raises red flags as the author of the article suspected ActBlue of breaking large donations into smaller gifts to avoid campaign finance laws and Federal Election Commission scrutiny.
40) Previously, Q highlighted the hundreds of millions of dollars funneled to Democratic candidates through Black Lives Matter.

Create the illusion of racial inequality and fundraise off it?

Welcome to the [D] party con.
41) Q explains the strategies and tactics used by the press, Hollywood, politicians, Antifa, and social media platforms to keep people in the dark.

Only at the precipice will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free].
42) @kevincorke was given a wake-up call by a DOJ source about impending indictments/arrests.

43) In honor of September 11, Q reposted an anon's twin towers of treason.
46) I do not know if the number of times the names appear in their respective posts is predictive of something like a date.
47) For those who insist nothing is happening, this graphic shows a few of the people who have been fired from the FBI.
48) Netflix shows like "Cuties" seem to be part of an attempt to get society to accept pedophilia as normal in advance of the arrest of well-known people who have committed these crimes.

Q said such attempts will fail.

Who will be next?
49) An anon responded.
50) Two years ago, when Susan Rice joined the board of Netflix, Q warned that an attempt to normalize pedophilia was coming.
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