Questions about anonymity on the internet? This thread has answers.

We'll cover whether you actually need a VPN or proxy, and if you do what VPN you should use.
I'm a regular internet user. Do I need a VPN?

Almost certainly not. Just make sure you see the padlock in the address bar on sites you log into or enter personal details on.

I want to be anonymous on the internet. What should I use?

A VPN helps, but isn't the magic bullet they claim it to be. For most people, @brave is a good browser to use. If you insist on hiding your IP, any free or cheap VPN will do.
At high risk? Use @torproject - Tails is best
I want to access content blocked in my country by a service provider (NOT the government). What should I use?

This is a good reason to use a VPN. However note you may be breaking the service providers terms of service. You should research whether they terminate VPN users.
I want to access content blocked by my Government. What do I use?

Use @torproject with bridges. DO NOT trust a VPN for this. TailsOS is the best way to access Tor.

YOU SHOULD PRIORITISE YOUR SAFETY. Tor and VPN usage can be picked up by the Government if they try hard enough.
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