- a long thread
this is not a chronological order im just pointing some of my favorite luten moments. first of all, this ship got the most lowkey/simple but sweet moment imo. they got each other back and very domestic towards each other
thats why it feels so pure & genuine in this ship. they both sensitive and understand each other the best out of everyone in wayv/nct. they been in ten's first smstation DIAD, nct18/U, WayV and SuperM together. fate just brought them together.
i dont make rules for this ship. yall can ship them as lovers, soulmate, best friend, brothers or partner etc ... they❤ still❤ domestic❤ af❤ anyway❤ 😊 for me personally they.. like.. married lol 😛😛😛
when ten said he see lucas from the same nationality with him yesterday, it feels like home to me. thai always have a special place for them esp their childhood anyway.
wbk ten nationality is thai with china ethnicity meanwhile lucas is a half hongkong (dad) & half thai (mom). ten got nong ten (little brother ten) as his nick name in thai & lucas's is p'jo (older brother jo). lucas once living with his grandma too in thai when hes very little.
lucas always soft whenever he mentioned his mom and remembers what her tought him. his familly have a restaurant business before at shi tian district in hongkong. and its a thai restaurant, thats why lucas loves foods lol. and thai foods reminds him of his mom❤
for some people might find it, its nothing special its natural for them to be close since they are from the same country. maybe yes, for me personally, luten case is just special 😘 eyes cant lie. bcs they give vibe more than just a fellow homecountry friends or siblings energy.
starting from lucas (kun & jungwoo as his roomates) was living in dreamies dorm and ten was with them too (he got his own room). so it makes sense if ten once said in wayv vlive that he saw lucas everyday on trainee days. while ten got his most intense first impression with lucas
it feels special when u shares the same background met in a foreign country, struggling together, practice together, working together, living together, have fun together, shares each other's secrets and stuffs..
when u're so used to see someone in daily basis it would have a tendency to be closer towards each other. until it feels like something missing if that someone aint there. like domestic mental dependency? it could be boring too sometimes, but slowly that op becoming a part of you
the way luten got their best moment ent always on cadid, got me-😭 and yes they sailing since 2016 😛 as this first moment of them shopping in coex caught on cam, also that time their ship name still yukten. bcs everyone only knew lucas as trainee named yukhei.
when lucas and ten papped again on their way to pierce shop. ten was accompanied lucas to get his first piercing that time❤ they look so cute wondering on the street tho😭.
ten's black ring.. ten bought a black ring, gave it to every member he was kinda close with (jhy, jn, etc) as a gift, including lucas. idk lucas got something about hand and rings. he keep wearing it for the longest time more than other members
and what make it special lucas got everyway to keep wearing it. he cherised it a lot. https://twitter.com/inkballoon/status/1274710406385201155?s=19
also this hes been wearing it on diads mv 2017 along with ten ❤ and a whole 2018 https://twitter.com/inkballoon/status/1284445170239279104?s=19
(just incase the tweet deleted)
and this cute vid when lucas saw ten diads video, like hypnotized by it the "omg" 😂 and he kept make sure it credited to ten instead of him self when jw asked him whos the main character. the way he rubbing his black ring while watching diad vid just seems really soft to me ❤
also i found this diad concept theory and analysis thread interesting too ❤ and it still my favorite luten au of all :) yall should read it https://twitter.com/TheSwan86153336/status/1304576422997090304?s=19
start from this 180303 music core everyone just focus walking to the stage luten found each other and hold hands. the timming, lucas was the one who spread his arm first, ten just gladly accepted it (red: the hand) and now it becomes their things
their things 🥺🥰
it reminds me with these iconic choreo of them too 🥺 from regular to bad alive ❤
this moment happened on valentine day, ten looked a bit off in this vlive like he got something in his mind. lucas seemed could read ten's situation & gave him comfort like ten's comfort is his top priority cause he gave 0 fcks while kept holding his hand until tens feel better
not gonna lie this moment is one of my top favorite moment, u can feel the pure love and empathy also the way their minds connected by this gentle hold could melt my heart away❤ also extra moment when holding hands have a special meaning for lucas.
this is one of my fav luten thread, yall should check this out, just because their gentle touch is ❤❤❤ it warms my heart to see them happy and lovey ❤❤❤ https://twitter.com/luten1020/status/1241036373299056641?s=19
they keep having those kind of moments recently, so precious 😭 and ten is soo proud of lucas anyway he even lowkey always bragging lucas to others in a way that exposing about his cute trivial facts that no one knows it before, its soo cute 😆❤
when how he proudly talking about how is thai sounds in some other country, he imitates lucas "when you hit something & hurt your self" to his fellow kr mates, he explained lucas habit of saying "oiik" to others, so they having a better understanding of him now 😂
luten in th vlve is really cute. i cant with lucas a bit jelous of tenwin went to lotte world and ten aked him if he really wants to go? and lucas nodding shyly really looking forward for it, its so cute 😭❤
their hands. it cant be helped because its just natural for them. the way ten react so fast to encouraged lucas to speak cantonese.
ten exposing trivial facts about lucas 😂😂😂❤ he makes fans even more in love with lucas in this vlive. ten knows xuxi the best 😊
and it stills happends 😂😂😂 they really cute. also lucas is always soft whenever talking about ten too, but ill save that story later.
i forgot to add my favorite of nctu dorm mates vlog lol. luten were soo soo cute here and their height difference here 🥺🥺🥺
luten acts really cute in this vlive my memorable moments from this is when they sharing ice cream, and spoon 🌝 (well they shared spoon in a game in wayv fanmeeting in seoul too tho)
a lot of luten prewayv era that i cant put in this thread bcs its a lot jsksks. but i love this thread it has most luten pre wayv moments. yall should check this out bcs it will make u go uwu https://twitter.com/LucTenbourg/status/1039135829677957120?s=19
another fav soft moment when kun lucas jungwo and dreamies (tens dormmates) are celebrating his birthday & lucas brought the cake its really sweet of him. and the way he knows the cake is fruit free for ten (red velvet) also im crying for his iconic "my baby ten" 😭❤
also i wanna add extra 'jealous' lucas around jeno which i find so funny😂 i cant with his competitive ass😭 (they were all dormmates so nothing serious, its just amusing to me see lucas's smile suddenly disappeared after he saw ten got clingy with jeno🤧)
ten celebrate his 2019 bday in bangkok with his fans & wayv (include lucas) showed on his big screen to singing happy birthday for him. and for 2020 birthday ten's strolling around with lucas in paris 😭❤ they looks so cute
their high difference got me everytime 😭❤
lucas always concerns about ten's food 😆 & he seems so happy when superm celebrate ten's birthday on stage too 🥺
also extra birthday story after they both came back to kr with wayv 😆 lucas was the one who pushed the door 😭😭😭 im crying he didnt let ten shttng in peace 🙃, welp wayv family❤
birthday selca ❤
in this ig live lucas ten & yangyang eating hotpot. ten said lucas eat hotpot everyday😆also lucas make sure ten eating pork belly instead of meat he asked to check it. also their hands 😭
i also forgot to mention another moment of their "thing" 😭 when they did dangerous woman they looks like enjoying their own world also, that moment when they hold hands it feels genuine like u wanna share the fun & happiness u got with ur best friend that always got ur back.
the way they share happy moments to each other is soo cute
they just enjoy their own world 😭😭😭❤
speaking of "friends that got each others back" these two always have a special bond esp when they debuted in wayv together. remember when ten encouraging lucas to communicate with english in dubai vlog. also dubai luten is having a honey mood vibe 😭😭😭😭 im crying.
also please give it some views on youtube, they looks so cute together here 😆❤ imma adding my fav vid edit of luten dubai by @prexuxious
when ten protected lucas without hesitation even he wasnt so comfortable touching the frogs him self. he also almost made lucas to be confident to touch the frog😆
awww 🥰🥺
ten also become lucas best translator in superm 🥺
and whenever lucas kinda lost of words (lucas was still move by the fans support here😭) there ten without hesitation completed his speech, like what he did in beyond live concert when fans asked about their goals😆
meanwhile lucas is always protective towards ten, Lucas has the habit of putting ten in front of him and holding his hand to protect him in crowded airport. How he hold his hand, wrist or arms, all of his gesture show us how much he care and want to protect him.
the softest thing 😭❤
there a lot of their airport moments i cant put them all of here. Lucas tend to protect ten in many ways. We can see how so loving and generous lucas through his action.... and it's all for his beloved ten..
😭😭😭 they're airports buddy too
lucas protective mode on 😭❤
this looks like, lucas noticed it when ten kinda off, once again he gives him comfort, then he just looking and smile at ten, like reminding him he's here with him, nothing to worry :)
on jopping premier event lucas keep close to ten, he was supposed to sit beside ten before LS came and told him to move on the front row 😂
lucas being sensitive and a gentleman to exchange the seat for ten so ten can eat his hot pot more comfortablely.
this is not a "protective" moment, but i found its so cute when lucas initially recording ten's ear waxing and keep eye contact & talk to him until he felt relax and sleepy 🥰

credit to @luten1020 who helped me to get these twtyh show scenes.
❤❤❤❤ i feel bad for yy 😂
this candid 😭 im sure there some empty chairs around tho
this time they were soo cute
lucas is really soft to ten 😭 the way he often gives anything to him first (a thread) https://twitter.com/luten1020/status/1258791599687053317?s=19
andwae yangyang what are you doing 😭 yy attempted to step on ten's injured feet, lucas noticed it and came to rescue him 😆 aww
lucas was so concerned when ten made mistake, look at his expression 😆
shamelessly promoting my other thread fsgsh https://twitter.com/lutenland/status/1234211713173475328?s=19
keep in mind, lucas is very fast no one can catch him in keep running and he won running 50M in iqiyi festival too 😭
but this cute thing happened 😆 lucas seems agressive and ready about to eat ten up first but actually he holded back a lot. he even slowing down carefully when ten fell on branch. ten in mind knows they are in the same team 😂 how playful 😆❤
move on to ten's fondness towards lucas. subtle, lowkey but feels so sincere. it seems natural for them and mind that ten saying these in front of lucas him self & others, so brave ❤ adding up my fav edit of them when they act like magnet to each other 😆
lucas thor and ten lisa 😆 i still cant believe ten just confirmed they are dating that day lol

Ten: Thor doesn't have a gf, so we are going together!
Mona Lisa & Thor reunion
Xiaojun intented to show lucas tiddies to audiences, but no Ten was so ready to fight xiaojun 🤣 he already threw a hand on him tho
wuhan luten sharing towel 😭❤ yes ten using the towel he gave to lucas when lucas gave it back and asked him to use it too
extra, not ten but i cant help it, lucas was really sweet too that day. they were so cute in every fanmeet ngl 😭😭😭
here's when wayv perform the end of year stage moonwalk. ten was injured and lucas came to (touch his waist) make sure hes not feeling alone bcs he cant dance. (xiaojun also came to sit on him😂) ten's shyly & ticklish face when lucas touch him is so cute
extra tmi behind this: lucas kinda blamed him self for what happened to ten's feet. (no baby 😭) but ten assures him its nothing, it didnt stop him to perform, i even more proud of him and lucas (and other wayv member too) took a good care of him on stage. wayv familly indeed❤
when ten wrote letter to xuxi in dream plan told him "youre everyone for me" at the opening of his letter (i cant put this part in here) and called him as "my giant baby" (yes ten didnt say "our" but "my" the translation on yt was incorrect lol) is always making me soft 😭😭😭
and lucas loves it, he made it official recently. his reason is bcs ten gave it him so. im- 😭😭😭❤
this is my ult favorite moment, when ten told lucas that he's thankful for lucas that knows him even the complex of him 😭😭😭❤ u can watch it full on their vlive channel
🔗 https://m.vlive.tv/video/197731 
sorry i dont have the cut with english translation 😭 but only in bhs. anyway its really interesting when u see how other members react/anticipate each of the couple confession here 😂 u can see the difference on luten part coming. credit to @luten1020 for this edit 😆
also xiaojun commentary "oh he's is ur didi? i just knew it" after ten "hi didi" made he looks a bit panicked & shy so cute 😆❤ i even confirmed this with my cfans friend to make sure what actually xj means. we thought it was yangyang at first hsjs but turned out xj said that
this edit perfectly describing the WHOLE MOOD of this particular moment of luten 😭😭😭😭 im so in love.
in wayv vc o!what fansign ten explained deeper understanding about what he means by the complex of him and he feels lucky & grateful to have lucas beside him 🥺 https://twitter.com/luten1020/status/1284871448981471232?s=19
also the way lucas looked out for ten 😭 he answered it without hesitation that he wont watch it only because ten doesnt like it. https://twitter.com/luten1020/status/1281464681320738817?s=20
luten best soulmate indeed 😭❤
i forgot to add this moment on their early time in superm, where ten said they use to tell each other secrets and stuffs. and the way the compliment each other. lucas loves ten complex brain tho ❤
luten face to face and smell each other breaths like inch away from kissing lol. and ten got so red, im sure taemin notice something going on with these two. the way they looking at each other when taemin mentioned it 😂😭
also lucas being sensitive checking, soothing and care of ten's ear safety first 😭😭😭
and when ten mentioned about how he saw lucas for the first time as golden retriever 😭😭😭 i cant help to think about this hts clip.
also ten mentioned about his intense first impression of lucas. it reminds me of his definition of warm feeling in wayv clip too 😭 im glad he feels that 😭😭😭
the way ten panicked each time 😭, but lucas reaction seems more concern (he wasnt really laugh at it) then relieve when its over. yy & ww separate him from ten but he gives no fcks and keep hold ten's hand first, the way it calmed him tho 😭
move on to the cutest moment of them on iqiyi fest 😭 they were super cute! they just giving comfort on each other. something heart warming about it. luten loves each other as brothers, besties, soulmates, u name it ❤
tmi on iqiyi ten's arm was injured and wayv members include lucas took care of him very well. and wayv looks so happy! the way lucas is really playfull but when its ten, he often go soft. who doesnt anyway🥺
and they really did this in front of everyone salad😭❤ aww they so cuteee
when ten (and kun) gave their support to lucas, 😭😭😭 ten looks like dismissed everything just to come running at lucas first IS SO DEVASTATING lucas seems got so pumped up after it❤
their hands 😭😭😭
this clip will forever haunting me. the way ten massaging lucas back & lucas pleasured face jshsh says it all. 😭
next is love talk behind the scene. just reminding you guys how thin and little is ten outfit layer in this mv 😭😭😭 whoever the stylist was i just wanna talk.
yet u see here after the mv take is over, lucas just immediately shares his joy by grabbing ten's waist with his giant hands & back hugging him, feeling him hsjsj lol while ten looks unbothered lol they just so used to it. but imo lucas seems just being protective again aww
its really cute when these two around each other. ten often teased every member of wayv, but rarely doing it with lucas 😂. they usually on their own cute world tgt. this clip of bad alive luten, they watch each other's move & ten's cute version of lucas rap is ❤
this clip from tbt making is so precious the way ten smile wide to lucas funny story and lucas being protective catching ten on his arms like that 😭 is so cute 😭😭😭
but pre-wayv ten teased lucas a lot. i guess its just by the time they've been tgt on daily basis, its just natural for them to be as domestic as now. hehe. lucas been there tho. this thread had some prewayv luten too 😆 https://twitter.com/archivelucas/status/982084383459987456?s=19
pre wayv luten have been living in their own world too 😆😆😆
this thread is one of my favorite thread of luten. it has a lot of early wayv moment too that honestly i can't put in all here, bcs it will be too long. hehe. https://twitter.com/luten1020/status/1229704594160156672?s=19
i forgot to extra add this. the were on their own world in iqiyi. im-
okay move on to dream plan luten. some scene in dreamplan are deleted by youku so you might not find some of these in new edited dreamplan version 😀
their hands 😭
lol lucas helping ten
lol the last pic, lucas just unconsciously doing whatever ten asked him to do 😭
this is so cute istg 😭❤
lucas fanning to cool the hot coffe for ten aww❤
😈tennie 😭😭😭
they were came out together from the same room that morning fsdhh
also this 😭 low quality pic for a high quality moment
luten bickering is actually really cute 😆😆😆
xuxi here is really the bravest he almost helped everyone in the dark. and its interesting somehow he switched with xiaojun and end up to sit in front of ten lol
there's a very brief moment after ten tried to hold his tears he went back behind lucas then came back when he feels better to the front.
i already post about the frog room scene and giant baby moment. actually dreamplan is such emotional show it has so many lesson for life and wayv members not only luten really help and stand by the others. their bonding as a group of friends/brothers just so beautiful to me
ah i forgot of some scene 😂😂 ten looks whipped
lucas 😆😆😆 knows his babe lying to escape from eating 🍉
after winkun show off their own part of the microphone, kun said they will start to fit the other part like forgoting the head (the way winkun fitting the mic later was really funny 😂). so ten asked where's the head part and ofc lucas had it. ten looks proud of his giant baby.
this one was really cute too the way lucas attentively looking at ten😭 im so glad they can finally do this kind of activity tgt in wayvision
the way ten's hand keep staying on lucas 😭also wayv familly ❤
i miss hutong 😭😭😭❤
i just wanna cry 😭❤
fansign luten is too much so ill post some that still staying on my cam roll 😂❤
aww this moment 😭 when they both look something down there tgt lucas went omg face jsjs i still wondering tf was going on lol
they looks beautiful tho 😭😭😭😭
credit as the logo.
too cute, i cant handle it😭
kfans reported there was only one spoon on the table yet luten do the challenge. they sharing spoon wbk.
also bangkok fansign was hot... literally...
im just speechless😭

cr.脾气不好的狂躁yy & @luten1020
the way lucas ran over yangyang just for hugging ten for the second time 😭😭😭 byE
the way they so used to each other, they often forget what personal space is 😭❤
"cmon babe" 😭😭😭😭😩
alright since its such a long thread im gonna stop here and will make pt2 for more of their recents moments. the original idea to make this thread was to be my personal archive of luten moments. so whenever i miss them i can go soft again with this thread.
thank you for @inkballoon, @luten1020, some accs for helping me to get some of their old moments (but i guess there's still more of it but maybe ill add it to my new thread later hehe) and credit to all the editors, fansites that has their work love u guyss ❤❤❤❤
idmr about their relationship and idc if this ship aint real or not. for me shipping them makes me happy and that's enough. they been through together so much and im glad they still got each other. here i drop the most devastating edit of them by @XUXlBABY
sorry i just need to add some old moments that i forgot to be collected here 🙈. so
in this game ten held lucas like holding his whole life meanwhile lucas being the strongest man to keep ten with him. when their eyes met and they smile to each other..
it just out of nowhere and the way lucas gulped tho 😭😭😭
i feel bad if i didnt include this clip jdjsj
also i always go soft everytime seeing this😭
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