It started decades ago.
More mob ties.
More use of immigrants.
More disregard to the safety of others thru malpractice and deceit.
More corruption, like trying to evict residents from buildings by destroying infrastructure and services, by harassment.
But getting caught and losing.
But still carrying on the practice.
If you've ever wondered how did Trump Hotels and Golf courses win so many awards that #TraitorTrump likes bragging about, just remember he bought them.
To get his golf course built he promised 6000 jobs. He lied.
He'll say Scotland built a windfarm and he didn't want it in sight of his golf course and he wasn't asked.
He didn't need to be as the windfarm plan started earlier, his team didnt ask.
Christopher Reeve called out #TraitorTrump in 1989, over his plans to build the world's tallest building.
When your dreams step on the lives of ordinary people your dreams have to be stopped.
The editor of Spy magazine, talking about #TraitorTrump becoming either the next Howard Hughes.
Or the next Bond villain.
I think he went for Bond villain.
Who knew that the world's greatest business man #TraitorTrump
Tried to sell Mar-a-lago, but failed.
He had even wanted the airport moved because planes flew over his house.
Think I've discovered why #TraitorTrump has a problem with Mexicans and anyone from South America.
He owed one of his banks more money than it had loaned the entire country of Venezuela.
And we know he hates other people sharing his limelight.
The worlds greatest business man fails again!
The worlds greatest business man gets caught stealing his own plane.
"What ever Trump says he's worth, divide, by 2, then divide by 4"
And the oh so Christian Trump is on bimbo no 2. After Ivana.
Trump says he only ever hires the best people.
If the best people includes drug smugglers & that's what you want.
Why not.
You'd think the worlds greatest business man would have some staff that work for him that are not mobsters, art thieves, or drug dealers.
When Trump worked on the Commodore Hotel, he originally promised to save important architectural pieces.
When he found out the cost to do so, he had them destroyed.

Make threatening calls using the name Barron to hide your identity
Trump for President in 89.
And if he had it would have been the same.
A complete disregard of everyone but #TrumpTraitor.
Because Trump has no friends but his TV remote control.
Does all this sound familiar?
What is one of #TraitorTrump 's favorite sayings,
"It will be the best wall"
"It will be the best healthcare"
And more, and more.
In 2010 the Trump organisation destroyed Michael and Molly Forbes water supply.
The Trump organisation promised to fix it.
They're still waiting.
Money can buy you love, Trump style. But it costs too.
How money bought press anonymity.
But sex sells.
He met Marla Maples in church, wow he went to church.
Trump & the mob.
Fat Tony Salerno Trumps concrete supplier.
Felix Sater, mobster, felon, who stabbed a man in the neck with the stem of a wine glass.
And Trump adviser.
Watch Trump squirm when asked questions he doesn't like, and remembers a meeting.
Trump finances discussed in Scottish Parliament.
His money laundering.
Which annoyed Trump and Eric, enough to want to sue Patrick Harvie for slander, but alas in Scottish law it's called Parliamentary privilege, and allowed.
More lies from #DonTheCon
The Javits Centre could oh so easily have been the Fred Trump Convention Centre, and at least part of that description would be right.
Trump con- vention
Best quote ever regarding #DonTheCon
Leona Helmsley: “I wouldn’t believe Donald Trump if his tongue was notarized.”
Remember the time when #DonTheCon
Liked everyone.
Back in March I asked why #DonTheCon wasn't following guidelines set out in this White House report on dealing with pandemics. Granted the title referred to influenza. But the details are the same
And we can be sure #DonTheCon never read it because it mentions 1918 flu epidemic
#ClimateChange https://twitter.com/trumpfarts1/status/1309796922153218048?s=19
is what this thread touches on most.
and #DontheCon and the reports he didn't read or follow.
GPMB annual report from Sept 2019.
is what this thread touches on most.
and #DontheCon and the reports he didn't read or follow.
GPMB annual report from Sept 2019 part 2
#DonTheCon and his illegal use of money to fund his Presidential campaign. https://twitter.com/NewYorkStateAG/status/1192516480849629187?s=19
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