Do not let the media or right wing opposition write our narratives. Let the evidence write them Instead.

Remember how Hillary Clinton lost the state of Wisconsin because she did not visit there?

Practically handed it to him she did!

That damn Hillary Clinton!

That's the story they tell us, so it must be true. RIGHT?

Of course, that view strengthens the "Hillary did everything wrong" narrative that has dominated the coverage since 2016.

'Blame Hillary' has become a national Olympic sport at this point.

But the truth is much more sinister and much more complicated than the silly and misogynistic lie that all of this is Hillaryb Clinton's fault.

In fact, the real story of how Clinton came to almost not lose Wisconsin actually turn the accepted narratives on their ear.

Clinton lost the state of Wisconsin by a mere 22,748 votes.

That's it.

But this vote deficit had nothing to do with Clinton's policy proposals, her supposed unpopularity, nor the decision not to visit Wisconsin.

That's right.

It's was not Hillary's fault.

From his first day in office Wisconsin Gov..Scott Walker began in earnest to attack voting rights in probably the most aggressively partisan and racist way possible.

*Voter suppression
*Voter purges
*Voter ID laws
*Limiting access to polling stations.

These were tools that Walker learned to use expertly during his time in office. And they were put to full effect for 2016.

Hillary Clinton voting base was attacked aggressively, while Trump's was left largely unaffected.

The net effect was a nightmare..

The net affect? Voter turnout was flat or up across the demographic spectrum except in the Milwaukee area where the black vote was down 25% compared to 2008.

This was not because black people did not want to vote or even that they did not try to vote. Not even close.

Its that the state of Wisconsin successfully endeavored to keep them from voting.

It was intentional and planned..

They kept anywhere from 40,000 to 180,000 black people out of the voting booth.

All that cheating. All that effort.

And Clinton only lost by 22,748 votes .

So no, it was not Clinton's fault.

I repeat, it was NOT Clinton's fault.

It never was.

Instead, The blame lies with former governor, Scott Walker, (whose name you should definitely not say backwards three times while looking into a mirror).

His successful efforts to keep the key voting blocs who most strongly supported Clinton from voting handed the cheese state to Trump.

It was disgraceful and had the voting rights not been gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013 would have been illegal. Ll)p
Let's not do that again. Please God, not again.



Decide how you will vote.

Decide where you will vote.

Get all necessary IDs.



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