In 2002, Berkeley UCPD made trading cards for their officers so students could get to know their cops: "In lieu of conventional business cards, the department’s new cards feature 45 officers in stereotype-defying poses."
It's been a while, so we updated the initiative. Throughout the day, we'll introduce UCPD's roster with the latest publicly available info (2018-2020 depending). Here's Cpt. Alex Yao, under lawsuit for workplace discrimination #acaberkeley
Sgt Andrew Tucker, who hospitalized four students in 2011. Maybe they asked for it, though: Chancellor Robert Birgeneau called the protestors "not non-violent" because they'd linked their arms together:
Barry Boersma, who killed a man with a carotid hold and shot another in the back with a Taser while working for Vallejo PD. #qualifiedimmunity #hiredbyucpd #acaberkeley
UCPD Lt. Bill Kasiske, who filed an illegal search warrant to raid a left-wing publication protected by the PPA, leading to a $100,000 settlement in 2012, the same year he earned a promotion to sergeant. #acaberkeley
Berkeley UCPD Sgt. Billy Brashear, the cops' student body liaison. In 2011, Brashear liaisoned with students' bodies by beating them with a baton, even though one had already fallen to the ground. #statuteoflimitations #acaberkeley
UCPD Officer Brendan Tinney, who smashed and broke a graduate student's hand during the 2009 tuition hike protests. Tinney explained that protestors resting their hands on barricades were subject to baton-strikes per UCPD policy.
Sgt. Cris Olivet, accused in 2019 of exerting excessive force on two Black students and failing to read them their Miranda rights after an arrest. 1.5 years later, UCPD mum on promised investigation. #acaberkeley
Corporal Wade Macadam, who was appointed UCPD field training officer five months after leading an illegal raid, in partnership w/ the FBI, on the abolitionist organization East Bay Prisoner Support #acaberkeley
With Cris Olivet (see above), UCPD officer Gabriel Irving violently arrested two Black students in 2019, sparking protests, a promise of an investigation, and still no public results. #acaberkeley
In 2009, UCPD officer George Hallett arrested an AFSCME activist and UCPD dining hall worker on behalf of ICE on UCB campus. "ICE regulations ‘run counter to our values,’" Berkeley's leaders claim. #ok #acaberkeley
In 2008, Oakland PD fired four officers, including this charming dude, for falsifying over 50% of that summer's drug-related search warrants. Guess who hired him? #acaberkeley
After the arrest of a Black UCB student in 2019 sparked protests and a UCSA panel (see Olivet and Irving above), UCPD Lt. Joey Williams said the student was lucky not to have been shot considering UCPD training protocols. #gratitude #lucky #acaberkeley
"I'll fuck you up!" UCPD officer Jonathan Wong told a graduate student during a lull in the 2011 Occupy UCB protests. And then he did (pg. 33 below) #statuteoflimitations #acaberkeley
Between March and August 2008, Oakland PD Officer Karla Rush falsified 39 out of 40 of her search warrants, so she was fired. Their loss, Berkeley UCPD's gain: #acaberkeley #whatthefuck
Captain Leroy Harris sent UCPD Chief Bennett a meme mocking the BLM movement's slogan as "No mother should have to fear for her son's life every time he robs a store." #hilarious #notfired #acaberkeley
In 2014, UCPD announced that cardboard would from then on be classified as "camping paraphernalia," meaning those using it for shelter would be liable to citation or arrest for going camping in public. Here's the clown who shared that news at People's Park 
UCPD Sgt. Nicole Miller, seen at 2:31 here (), falsified a statement of probable cause to detain a journalist after a separate protest. The case was settled for $162.5K, so she was promoted. #makessense #acaberkeley
Officer Patrick O'Donnell, now patrolling the desolate UCB campus and remarking on having nothing to do, remembers wistfully those years when Urban Shield was still a thing #3times #idiot #acaberkeley
One of the arresting officers in an excessive force case settled by the city of Berkeley for 17.5K in 2011, Roe was then hired that same year by UCPD so he could bring his talents to campus
Another one accused of beating students at the 2011 Occupy protest, UCPD Officer Samatha Lachler was cleared because a judge found the cops had a right to jab and strike protestors to access the students' tents #nocamping
Officer Sean Aranas, enough of a terror on UCB campus and environs to earn special attention from the East Bay Community Law Center, once pocketed a hot dog vendor's earnings in front of protesting bystanders
Here's Sgt. Thomas Wing, currently subject with Joey Williams (see above) to a lawsuit filed by a former colleague for excessive and unlawful arrest & a corporate shill for Trikke
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