Forcing queer authors to come out if they want to write about queer themes not only cuts characters like us off from being subjects by straight authors, but also suggests that our purpose in a story should focus on a subject only we can know: our unique pain.
I want straight writers to include us, and not as lessons or tragedies, but as people, an acknowledgement that this is not a straight only world. They should do their research to avoid harmful tropes, but that's all authors. Being #ownvoices doesn't give a pass for harm.
And I want closeted queer authors to have a place to explore. Closeted queer authors have disclosed themselves to me, if not each other. And yes, I'm open about my queerness. That does not make the world kind about it.
No one should feel pressured to come out.
I'll attach this here so it doesn't get lost from the thread overall:
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