Avatar: The Last Airbender has just recieved audio descriptions on Netflix, and I am ecstatic.
I'm going to tweet a little bit as I go, not to entertain people, just to share the show and chat with friends in a way I couldn't growing up, since being blind limited the experience.
I've "watched" Avatar quite a bit, but mostly scattered episodes on TV. I've watched through the whole thing since, but the latter half isn't very fresh in my mind.
When I was young my vision was still bad but "okay," so I have a vague understanding of how some characters look.
Okay! I'm starting Book 1. I'm so excited!
The audio description (AD) is already pleasant. The delivery is good, and I feel like I can get used to listening to his voice without taking me out of the show. It's all done very professionally. Dialogue isn't getting talked over.
I'm already taken back and getting emotional, and it's over the smallest, most ridiculous stuff. I never had a good description of the opening sequence, and I just found out The sides of Sokka's head are shaved?! Aww. I knew he had a ponytail, but I like that.
I'm probably not going to talk much about the "content" of the show, at least not at the beginning. This will be mostly what I take from the AD. Maybe later on I'll have more story reactions, but I've heard the early eps so many times that it's all just very familiar.
Oh my gooosh. That first little display of water bending. I'm so glad it's just a perfect little sphere of water to hold a fish.
For who don't know, or if it wasn't obvious, I have STRONG affinity to water, so I always lean that direction in fiction and TTRPGs.
I want to magically play with water... haha. I have bender envy, I guess. I would totally be a water bender. Please feel free to tell me what kind of bender you think you would be. I love it when people share that with me.
Wow, I'm really understanding the danger here now. I had heard the crashing and struggling in the past, but now I get there were shards of ice and smashing with the canoe and stuff. It was just shouting and 'vague danger noises' before now. haha
So proud of Katara. She's so powerful, even as a baby bender. Even if she can't control her abilities just yet and sometimes makes a mess out of things.
Aww. I didn't know about Aang's posture when he was in / emerging from the ice, that he was sat with his eyes closed tight and balled fists pushed together. That colors things really well for me, especially considering the state he was in when he froze them.
I love Iroh so much. ... That's it, that's the tweet. There will likely be more like this sprinkled throughout. 😂
It's great how Aang's just ready to up and play immediately upon waking up. Sure, he doesn't quite yet know the magnitude of what just happened to him, but still, he just broke out of being frozen.
"And this is Katara, my flying sister." Heh. I missed the humor of this show.

Oh no! Poor Appa! I didn't know he did a little bellyflop when asked to fly. How cute! Big sweet swimmy boy.
Oh wow! Right in the first episode they have a little flashback of Aang encasing them in ice. I never knew. I thought it was only shown later. So he used air and water bending, with the Avatar State. I like how he often has his fists together in situations like this.
Bending is NOT a waste of time, Sokka! Excuse. How dare. Bending is incredible.
Zuko KICKS fire at people?! I had no idea! I thought fire benders just breathed fire or thrusted it forward with their fists or force palms, and waving arm type maneuvers. That's real neat!
Awww! The kiddos are using Appa's tail as a slide! How sweet!

I didn't know the fire nation ship was stuck in the ice. That's good context.

"We can't fight fire benders with fun!"
"You should try it some time." 😂
Aww. I love how when Aang comes back to save the day from Zuko he ends up accidentally covering the kids in snow, and all the kids just cheer and laugh even more. That's great~!
Whoa! Hold on a second. Why does this Fire Nation soldier taking Aang prisoner on Zuko's ship sound like Darth Vader though?!?! lmao
Some really good subtle interactions that are totally visual between Zuko and Iroh. I like how they make identical motions and attack together when they're trying to shoot the group down while they're escaping on Appa.
Gosh, this show has such good sound design. Just a little piece here, but Zuko deflects and makes Iroh explain to Xiao what happened, and there's a tiny little quirky squeak noise.

Haha. I love how Iroh just knocked a whole bunch of stuff over when Xiao brings up the Avatar.
Ahh, I really like that tiny foreshadowing. It's only a couple minutes away in the same episode, but Aang talks about how there used to be monks, bison and lemurs everywhere. I'm looking forward to Momo~! 😭💜
Ah. Obviously Katara and Sokka notice something about the Fire Nation being there at the temple, but it's good to know now that what they found was one of their helmets.
The AD didn't describe it, but my friend let me know that there are little baby flying bison around in the flashback with Monk Giatso, and that makes me happy.

I'm also so very happy with the goofy playful lemur music. It's so much fun. It's always stuck with me over the years.
A real good note where AD is handy.
Zuko makes angry noises and Iroh just says "More tea please." I always thought that was silly. Now I know Zuko kicked the table over, and there was actually a teapot on the table. I would have never known. Makes what Iroh said more appropriate.
The eyes of all the past Avatar statues in the temple glowing is another thing I wouldn't know without the AD. That's real cool. I also never knew that temples elsewhere also started to light up, and that's what tipped off the Fire Nation. That makes so much sense now.
Zuko is a little kicky boy, huh? I really didn't realize there was SO much fire bending with kicks. We got a young little Blaziken up in here.
Aww, I'm so emotional at all this. There are so many things I would not have known.
The Agni Kai between Zuko and Xiao was beautiful. I'm so glad I got to know in more detail how that battle went down.
I'm also really moved knowing now that Zuko did a little smile at Iroh after he compliments him but redirects it into a joke about tea. It colors it all so much knowing he smiles at him occasionally and works together well with him this early, showing a softer side.
Time for some more! Ep4, let's go, Kyoshi!
That's another really neat touch right off the bat. Zuko's kind of meditating with candles, and they grow and shrink with his breathing. That makes So much sense, but it's something I never would have thought about.
Zuko to Iroh: "He is clearly a master of evasive maneuvering."
Sokka to Aang: "You have no idea where you're going, do you?"
Gosh, I will talk about this a lot but the humor in this show is so well placed and makes me so happy.
Oh wow. One of the Warriors of Kyoshi has a really deep voice, that would otherwise probably be assumed to be a man. I'm glad they had a woman with a strong, deep, masculine voice here that kind of subverts expectations and reflects reality.
Come on in, Sokka. Get your butt whooped by these girls. Get put in your place!
I love Suki.
... I am very happy with how Sokka turns it around though. We appreciate kind boys who learn their lessons.
Ep5! Bumi is always a ton of fun.
"They have buildings here that don't melt." haha
Holy cats, they cause a LOT of destruction riding in the mail chutes.

WHAT?! The cabbage merchant was just sat there rubbing cabbages on his face?! lmao!
Oh my gosh!!!
Katara: "You can't keep us here! Let us leave!"
I always thought Bumi was just saying Let us leave? But he's saying "Lettuce leaf?" and then picks one up and eats it! That's so good! xD
Take them to the refurbished chamber that was once bad!"
This whole little old chamber, new chamber scene reminds me so much of Emperor's New Groove.

Aww, poor Momo. You shouldn't be forced into that tunnel. haha

I gotta say, the creeping crystal is just a really cool thing.
Oh, I'm so happy. I'm realizing that I'm going to have such a good time with all these fight scenes in this show. Bending combat is so fun, and now I get to know all of what's going on instead of just shouting, crashing and pain noises. 😂
Ep6! Ugh, this is such a sad episode, but it's so real. I'm furious at that old man for reporting Haru for bending and saving his life.

"That lemur! It's earth bending!" haha!
The warden is so grooossss.
Tairo is understandably down and defeated, but I still like him a lot.
Ep7! Uh-oh, these 3 earth benders captured Iroh... They have no idea what they're getting themselves into. 😂

One of these villagers in particular, the one who first found them, sounds like maybe he was the only one who didn't record his lines in the same studio. haha
Whoa... They're riding mounts that are a mix between a horse and an ostrich? That's wild. I can't even begin to imagine what that looks like.

Appa can has little a moon peach, as a treat.
Even though Hebi was terrifying, I think it was the first to make me start to love dragons.
Whoa! I already knew Iroh was a badass, and he showed how crafty he was with getting them to tighten his shackles and burn them, but in the fight when Zuko shows up Iroh just starts breaking boulders? Stopping and redirecting boulders by swinging his chains around?! Hot damn!
It's been too long! I'm ready to dive back into this beautiful show.
Ep8! "The world can't afford to lose you to the Fire Nation. ... Neither can I."
Aww, Katara already cares about Aang so much. I doubt she reciprocates his "feelings" this early, but definitely cares a lot.
Even just knowing that Appa is "flying through the clouds" is such a good improvement.
Oh no! I didn't know Appa got burned by a fireball when entering the Fire Nation! Poor boy. He was on fire! I thought he was just scared, or maybe it was a close call.
Hi hello, we are the Five Exposition Sages! Ahem, I mean Five Fire Sages.
Oh, Shayu's such a good dude.
"Did the definition of genius change in the last 100 years? haha
Oh yeah! Momo! I forgot about that part of the distraction plan! XD
I really like Roku's voice and acting.
OHH! There was a spirit Roku there to help Aang and the others escape? I know Roku helped Aang, but I just fihured it was an Avatar state thing or lending him his power. I think it's so cool that they all saw Roku clown Xiao and the sages.
Ep9! The water bending scroll.
This training scene is one of my earliest memories of truly feeling water affinity. I'm sure there are much cooler scenes with water bending, but this this was the one I was able to imagine/visualize the best without descriptions.
Oh, the scroll changes hands a whole bunch during the 3-way battle. That's fun. Momo was a champ like always.
What was that little "That's good~"? lmao!
Yesss! Zuko takes Iroh's lotus piece and whips it at the pirate dude. xD
Ep10. I never liked this one with Jet and crew all that much, but maybe there will be something I've missed that the AD will illuminate and warm me up to it.
Okay, I guess that fight scene was pretty cool, and the dual curved swords.
Eww, Jet is so slimy.
I should probably mention that I never knew Katara carried around a water skin that she used for most of her bending. I mean, it makes perfect sense if you can't bend without a source, but they never really brought that up in dialogue.
Ooh! Her frost breath technique is neat!
Ep11, The Great Divide. IIRC this episode is either really good or really bad? lol I can't remember which.

The Zhangs eat roughly with their hands, and the Ganjins eat daintily with chopsticks. That's a nice little bit to know.

Ehh, it wasn't great, haha, but cute ending.
Ep12! KATARA's FLYING ON A GIANT MOMO?!?! Sure, it's a dream, but that's awesome! haha

Zuko says the safety of the crew doesn't matter, and I just found out one of them raises an eyebrow at him.

"Double? Who told you that nonsense?" haha
You're right, Iroh. I always feel better after a bowl of noodles.

The fisherman is frustrating, but he's supposed to be. He's such a good, iconic rep'n of a rude, grumpy old man.

Aww, Young Zuko's voice is so cute. I hadn't really paid attention to that before.
Oh! Aang left a note for Giatso! I figured that Giatso was just surprised that Aanh was missing from his room.

WHOA! Iroh does lightning redirection in this episode?!!! Awesome! Did Zuko see him do it?!

Ah-ha! Aang did the fists-together thing again when digging deep for power.
Ep13! "Momo takes Katara's water skin and flies away." ... Wait. Momo can fly?!

lol I didn't know Momo brought Katara a vole during the "WA-TER" bit.

"Wait! My friends need to suck on those frogs!"
Ep14!The fish smacks Sokka! haha!
I also had no idea the platapus bear laid an egg, or that it got smashed on Sokka's head. All good comedy.
And he gets hit in the head with the rock he kicks? Comedy comes in threes, yeah?
... Well, it just keeps happening. XD
"Can your science explain why it rains?"
"Yes! Yes it can!"
Just thought I'd share this bit because of how topical it feels right now.
Ha! I didn't know the cloud that means the volcano will erupt was shaped like a skull.

Good boy, Momo. Every little rock matters. You're doing great buddy.

I think Mang's little side-plot is so cute in this episode, all the way to the 'floozy' bit. xD
Ep15! Oh wow. We get to see from the shirshu monsters perspective when it's on Zuko's ship? That's neat.

Just another mention of the great sound design in this show. Every time Aang gets interrupted or feels excluded the music shifts or goes silent abruptly.
Oh! Aang blows away the ostrich horse tracks so that no one realizes someone had been by! That makes so much sense. Didn't know what the blowing was for.

Another cool fight scene I didn't know about, especially between the shirshu and Appa. Funny how Iroh just pockets perfume.
Oh! Katara bends the perfume around them! That's so cool!

Iroh paid a lot of attention to June. He was really concerned about her. Huh...I'm comfortable assuming from context that Katara kisses Aang on the cheek here, but it's possible someone could get that wrong without AD.
Ep16! "Momo hides in a bush. Appa crouches behind the bush, most of his body still exposed." This is delightful, and again, something I Never would have known. Thanks AD.
We're getting close to Book 2, where my memory of the episodes won't be quite so strong, and I'm excited!
Ooooh, I'm loving all the creativity going on with fire bending in this episode. He turned a blast into birds, made a dragon fly around, and created a fire lasso to ring it. So neat!
I wish I didn't recognize voices so well. All I hear is the dad from Rocket Power from this guy.
Roku is so cool. I wonder if Aang knew he came in and spoke on his behalf. I'd bet he didn't.
It's so neat knowing that Jong-Jong is talking about Xiao when telling Aang about his troublesome student.
Oh! How smooth. They cut away and show Xiao during that scene. Huh.
Now I know that Katara got burned on her palms. I never knew where it was before.
Xiao just walked right through Jong-Jong's fire wall? Dang, I still hate him, but he's kind of a badass sometimes.
Oh! Jong-Jong's escape technique is so cool!
Ep17! HE's IN A WHEELCHAIR WITH HIS GLIDER?!?! Yesss, disability rep!!!
I knew he got sick or injured or something, but this is incredible.
Tayo's dad has 3 wooden fingers?! Oh my gosh. haha
Grappling hooks. Black metal tanks with spiked wheels. Yikes.
Sokka using his boomerang on a rope is such a cool way for him and Tayo's dad to escape. Sure, I knew Aang, Appa, or the gliders could have caught them, but that adds a lot to the moment and gives Sokka some more points.
Uh-oh... The Fire Nation took the war balloon? Good to know
Ep18! Oh my gosh... I don't know what else to say. There are so many beautiful and immersive details about the Northern Water Tribe. The city, the bending; I'm in love!
Aww, poor Zuko, poor Iroh.
AHH! This Katara & Paku fight is so COOL! 😂😂😂
Ep19! Aaack, my heart hurts for Sokka and Yue. They're so sweet.
Interesting, so non-bender Fire Nation soldiers like to fight with hammers it seems.
Ohh, so there's like yin and yang fish in this meditation pool.
Eek, so proud of Katara and all her cool new moves.
Ep20! A large white bird. A meditating baboon. Roku... Oh, Ko the Face Stealer was this early? I don't remember much about him, but I know he's important and scary.
Oh, my sweet boy Zuko, talking to yourself/unconscious Aang about your sister. DX
Haha! Get wrecked, Han! Overboard as soon as you got there running your mouth.
Oof. Ko's voice acting is scary good.
Whoa, Katara wrecked Zuko like Xiao wrecked Han. haha She's so strong.
Oh no, Yue's fate makes me so sad. 😭
This dude said I'll destroy the moon. lmao
It's so cool knowing about this massive glowing water spirit attacking the Fire Nation soldiers.
I love any scene where Iroh is just being his good, good self, not concerned whether he's around "allies" or "enemies."
Damn it, Zuko. You're too good. You don't need to save Xiao.
My heart still aches a little for Sokka and Yue, and Yue's dad, but it's also full from these good Team Avatar interactions and Zuko-Iroh bonding.
Ack! There's Book 1, and here's Azula! I'm so ready.

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