BREAKING: @PuyallupPD arrested Jeffrey Acord in relation to the Arson along 167 hwy.

In 2014 during an ANTI-POLICE protest, Acord was charged with possession of a concealed weapon without permit, carrying a knife, and illegal possession of fireworks.
Earlier in the day, Jeffrey Acord called in his own arson @PuyallupPD. He even filmed himself at the fires on Facebook livestream.

After questioning him, the Puyallup Police Department arrested him on suspicion that he started the fires. #AntifaFires #BidenFires
. @PuyallupPD and @FifePD arrested Jeffrey Acord 4 hours ago.
When I saw this map of fires this morning, I knew @GovInslee was lying when he said the cause was CLiMatE ChANgE. #BidenRiots
90% of the fires erupting are in close proximity to residential areas.
An officer with @MedfordPolice believes the fires are suspicious and possibly man-made. #WestCoastFires
This is a video of the fire that started in Graham, WA. If you look at the top right-hand corner, a vehicle can be seen driving off right before the fire erupts. #WestCoastFires
Better video of the vehicle fleeing the scene after the fire that erupted in Graham, WA. #WestCoastFires
This video was taken in Coulee City, Wa at 10 AM. WA has never seen fires like these.
. @GovInslee is blaming Climate Change for the fires even after multiple reports of arson. I would expect nothing less from the man who “was not aware” of Anarchists taking over Seattle.
This morning, there was a manhunt for Zachary Lange in Albany, OR.

Lange is a Portland Antifascist currently facing multiple felony riot charges. The manhunt came after reports of a “male in black starting fires.” Might be unrelated. But very coincidental. Details to come.
NEW: Huge Fire in Bonney Lake right behind Target in residential areas. A bystander witnessed a couple throw an incendiary device out of their vehicle in brush nearby the Target. #WestCoastFires #BonneyLake
BUCKLEY, WA—Reports of residents finding large vases with paper placed in brush. The glass acts as a magnifying glass and catches the paper on fire. #westcoastfires
TACOMA, WA—Residential Neighborhoods are on Fire. Tacoma is a large city just south of Seattle. Forest fires in neighborhoods are extremely uncommon. #westcoastfires
A source w/in the Fire Department who has been fighting the fires in Bonney Lake, WA told me, “these fires are 100% due to arson. Forest fires don’t happen in residential neighborhoods. In my 30 yrs as a firefighter, I have never seen anything like this.” #WestCoastFires
BREAKING: Washington State Patrol arrested another individual in connection with #arson along SR-512. #WestCoastFires
CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR—Heard over the Police Scanner: “Suspicious Vehicle (Subaru) With Texas Plates Throwing Molotov Cocktails.”

Clackamas County faces mass evacuations due to ravaging fires. #ArsonExposed
MADERA, CA—“A 27-year-old man (Benjamin Bryant) and 26-year-old woman (Jessica Derrickson) from North Fork were arrested. Bryant was arrested for possession of two illegal and unregistered guns, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and bomb-making materials.” #ArsonExposed
SILVERTON, OR—A husband fighting the Wilhoit Fires ran into 2 individuals wearing gas-masks trying to set fire to a hay barrel in a field. His wife details the event in this video. #ArsonExposed
Fake News @seattletimes claims there are “no coordinated arson attacks,” despite DNR classifying over 30 fires in WA as arsons. #ArsonExposed
CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR— Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office told bystanders at the scene of the fires that they are arresting individuals in connection with setting fires.

Arsonists can be seen under arrest in this video. #ArsonExposed
What we know about WEST COAST ARSONS:

DNR confirmed over 30 arsons occurred around the same time in WA State.

Dozens of arsonists along the West Coast have been arrested.

There has been only one confirmed link to a Leftist arsonist in WA State.
Note how this mentions “Wildfires.” My focus is exposing the nearly 100+ arsons that continue to pop-up around highways and residential neighborhoods. The fires are a combination of downed power lines in forests and ARSON’s around our communities, per a source in the FD.
ELK ROCK, OR— An individual can be seen surrounding flames in the forest with materials used to commit arson. #ArsonExposed
CALIFORNIA— @GavinNewsom continues to blame the fires on “Climate Change” despite dozens of arrests in connection with arson. #ArsonExposed
DOUGLAS COUNTY, OR— Male arrested on Sept. 8th with charges that include “Reckless Burning.” #ArsonExposed
BREAKING: New Confirmed ARSON In Multomah County, OR. #ArsonExposed
SEATTLE, WA—I just took this video at Alki Beach. The smoke is unprecedented.

For reference, this is during daylight on a “sunny” day. #ArsonExposed
CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF— “What I’m worried about is that there’s people stashing stuff. It means they’re going to go in preparation. I don’t want to sound like a doomsdayer but it’s getting serious. We need the public’s help on this.”

Watch full video. #ArsonExposed
Full Video is worth the watch and can be seen here:

The Clackamas County Sheriff mentions that Firefighters on the Front Lines have been pulled to prepare for what’s coming. He also says, “antifa-motherfu*kers” near the end. #ArsonExposed
. @JoeBiden pushing the “Climate Change” agenda while refusing to acknowledge the ARSONS across the West Coast. #ArsonExposed
UPDATE: The Sheriff in this video speaking the truth about the severity of the arsons in Clackamas County has been placed on leave.
Very unfortunate to be reprimanded for speaking the truth. Let’s get this Sheriff a platform! #ArsonExposed
After months of BLM and Anarchist destruction throughout the PNW, I am not surprised that civilians are protecting their communities from unprecedented arsons. #ArsonExposed
After speaking with Law Enforcement personnel, I can confirm they are taking these arsons very seriously without trying to cause mass panic in our communities.

Multiple sources in Law Enforcement believe the arsons are coordinated.They can’t confirm who’s involved. #ArsonExposed
CLACKAMAS COUNTY, OR—Sept. 11th, Law Enforcement arrested Ignat Shchetinin on charges including Arson and meth. #ArsonExposed
I have no respect for this man.
OREGON—Woman holds suspected arsonist at gun-point after catching him with matches on her property. #ArsonExposed
UPDATE: The suspected arsonist messed with the wrong lady. Holy badass. #ArsonExposed
CLACKAMAS, OR: Capt Jeff Smith:

“There’s confirmed reports of looting. There’s reports of extremist groups staging gas cans for later destruction. Reports and sightings of people armed with chainsaws with goals to fall telephone poles in hopes of starting fires.” #ArsonExposed
Captain Jeff Smith continues:

“The Antifa part, there has been reliable sightings and reports. Not confirmed. But it’s pretty specific being armed with chainsaws, falling telephone poles, in the hopes of starting further fires.”

Please do not overwhelm 9-1-1 dispatchers asking about the arsons. Only call if you see something suspicious or are catching someone in the act.

If you see something, say something!
PORTLAND, OR— @PortlandPolice arrested an arsonist who lit a field on fire using a Molotov Cocktail. #ArsonExposed
. @FBIPortland yo what’s this.
PORTLAND, OR—Arsonist caught setting 6 more fires shortly after being released on reckless burning charges. #ArsonExposed
WASHINGTON STATE—According to the Commissioner of Public Lands, all 58 fires that started on Monday were human caused. #ArsonExposed #WestCoastFires
This infuriates me to the core. We the People of the United States deserve to know the truth. 58 “human caused fires” don’t happen on the same day. This has never happened in recorded history.

I am not going to stop until we find out the truth! #ArsonExposed
BREAKING: Arsonist caught on camera in Kelso, WA. #ArsonExposed
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