THREAD: COVID-19 is a con-trick. Here’s why:

Let’s push aside the minutiae and detritus and go back to basics.

The Coronavirus Act: 2020:

Removes the requirement for post-mortems and
Removes the need for 2nd medical certification on cremation paperwork.

It also:

Allows doctors to certify death based on their ‘best guess’.

The effect of the above is that we actually have no idea how many people have died from ‘COVID-19.

All we can truly say is that it’s somewhere between zero and 41,500. And 95% had serious pre-existing conditions.

This, alone, makes the entire situation farcical.

Even at 41,500 deaths, this is a respiratory disease with a fatality rate no worse than seasonal flu. However the true fatality rate is likely to be far less, given the Coronavirus Act changes mentioned earlier.

Now let’s factor-in PCR testing. Ignoring the known problems with this test (false-positives etc.) we have never before entered into a mass-testing regime following a respiratory virus.

Imagine we had.....

If we’d done this after the 1918/19 pandemic, we’d now have faced restrictions for 101 years.


You get the gist.

In summary, we have no idea how many people have actually died *from* COVID-19, but we’re continuing to test for it using a PCR test which is fairly meaningless.

From this, we’re destroying the economy, healthcare, education, businesses, livelihoods and social interactions.

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems negligent to the point of fraud!

Someone somewhere has some serious questions to answer.

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