Black People Who Are Against Rape Are Hypocrites... Are African Americans not Byproducts of Rape?? Yur Great Grandmother Was Victim to Her White Master Many Times Over. Yu Have Rapist Blood Swimming Through Yur Veins. Not a Recessive Gene Either. Yet Yu Advocate For “Victims”??..
Sigmund Freud Once Detailed That Rape Can Be Considered a Consensual Act. Studies Show That Close To 60% of “Victims” Experience Orgasms That Are Intensified Due To the Physical Roughness Of a Rape. Rape and Arousal Can Happen Simultaneously, and One Does Not Exclude the Other.
Times Are Changing... Its 2020. If a Grown Man Can Put on Lipstick and a Tutu, and Call Himself a Bitch-Woman, Then Rape Shouldnt Be a Taboo Topic. Rapists Dont Owe Yu an Explanation. Yu Dont Have To Understand in Order To Believe... Plus, Theres No Moral Objection to Rape.
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