Let’s discuss #AtmosphereSoWhite.

This is a discussion so feel free to reply and quote any questions on this thread.

We just ask that folks (non-black allies) are sensitive to stories and conversations that come from this.
When did you first notice that you were the only black person in the room (classroom, conference, seminar, etc.)?
What challenges did you face to get in your current position?
What are common microaggressions that you deal with at your workplace, office and/or school?
What is it like being a black person in your department? Are you the only one?
How many black mentors and/or professors have you had?
From elementary school to high school to university, how many black teachers have you had?
Do you feel like you have to your identity as a black person and professionalism? E.g. code-switching at the appropriate times
Have you had to deal with stereotyping in your career?
Have you ever experienced racism at work and/or school? What was that like?
Field work! Do you have any stories about field work?
When it came to math, physics and coding, what challenges did you deal with? Did you have anyone who encouraged you keep going? Did anyone discourage you?
When we talk climate justice, do you feel like your workspace is doing enough? Do you feel like anyone takes on the role of a “white savior”?
How do you think white allies can better support you and other black folks in your field?
Climate justice: when we talk about “global north” vs “global south” and inner-city vs suburban communities, do you feel like science assigns blame to certain communities? Why?
Why do you think colonization isn’t discussed when talking about climate change? Especially in the early beginnings?
How you feel about diversity and inclusion initiatives? Are they doing enough?
From early education to tertiary education, what do you think were some education blocks that you and other black people in your communities have faced?
Final question: before #BlackinGeoscienceWeek how many black atmospheric scientist, meteorologists and/or climate scientists did you know personally? How many did you know existed?
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