Soo, I went to @realDonaldTrump but got easily distracted and went to @elonmusk now I'm wondering, what rule states that science and God can't coexist? God is the end answer to all of science's questions, the final piece and the south pin pole. And sadly, even though religion
And sadly, even though religion is given so many clues, they are as far as, if not further away from the truth than scientists.
The problem, to me is that both sides refuse to accept that; God is the answer to all science's questions and science is uncovering the things God put on this plane, not debunking him
As a race, we're looking out into the universe when we have internal strife, if we were to meet with something out there would we survive? Or will each side just point at all others and stir up a conspiracy?
Just a nobody talking anyway. Just a fourth passer-by
How many hashtags can I cram into this tweet to keep myself from continuing this thread?

#Science #scifi #sciencefiction #religious #FlatEarth #Astral #conspiracy #ConspiracyTheories #Hashtags #technology #Einstein
About.......... About that much.
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