Anand Ranganathan claims Darwin's theory is not a theory but an axiom. Its irrefutable, he says, after proclaiming it to be scientific. He's wrong. This might be a technical issue but I think I should elaborate on it. Yes, he is a biologist and Im not but hear me out(1/n)
For a scientific theory to work, it has to be falsifiable. It has to be in principle refutable. This is standard knowledge elucidated by Karl Popper which every science student knows. You might be aware of empirical falsifiability. This is what I'm talking about.(2/n)
Evolution is scientific not because its irrefutable but because its refutable but hasn't been refuted. Religion is irrefutable. Existence of God is irrefutable. Angels are irrefutable. Unicorns are irrefutable. Thus, they aren't science. (3/n)
One of the reasons Intelligent Design(repacked creationism) was not accepted as valid science is because of its unfalsifiability. This just shows how important falsifiability is to the scientific community.(4/n)
What would falsify evolution? if u prove the dissimilarity of genetic traits in organisms with identical DNAs, if u prove that mutations dont result in phenotypic change which propels natural selection, if u find anomalous fossils in Cambrian(Haldane,ethologists would know) 5/n
These are just some of the factors which would falsify evolution. The fact that they have only propelled the theory proves that evolution is true. His second claim of evolution being an axiom is only partly true. Axiom as in established truth. Not self evident truth(6/n)
Evolution isnt self evident. It needs supporting evidence, which is why its a theory. Not an axiom as in Euclid's axioms. A theory is different from hypothesis. A theory can be refined,as evolution has. Darwin was terribly wrong on many points,which were later refined(genetics)
Newton's theory was refined by Einstein. This didn't prove Newton completely wrong. Only that the theory wasn't complete in itself. Now, Dr. Ranganathan wouldnt read this but I thought its good to know so made this thread.
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