We are, rightfully, focused on coronavirus, recession & racial justice! It’s all sure to dominate campaign headlines. But as a heartland @IndivisibleTeam group, our antennae tune in just a little more to the really hard realities of Trump’s chaotic agriculture policies. 1/
Kansas & Missouri producers have been pummeled by severe weather & heavy flooding in his term, even as GOP refuses to engage on climate action that could disrupt the outsized impact on farmers. But it’s been Trump’s trade policies that have rapidly accelerated bankruptcies. 2/
Kansas is more likely to see reduced tax revenues & increased need for budget flexibility b/c export-driven agricultural industries make up large slice of our economy. And let’s not forget sales & income taxes that accounted for 96% of 2018 general fund revenues... 3/
Our midwestern neighbors may have greater trade exposure but less volatile revenue b/c exports account for a smaller portion of overall economy than in Kansas. Which brings us back to what we are focused on here @Indivisible_KC. 4/
We’ve skimmed just how the sector’s economic challenges are affecting you, but this is of consequence for Congressional AND statehouse races in MO and KS both. The GOP stranglehold’s on committees & both chambers dictates what gets discussed & what gets scuttled. Our voices... 5/
...are effectively muted. Flipping 10 critical seats in #MOLeg would end the blockage in Jeff City. ONE house seat and 3 senate seats would end the supermajority in Topeka. Lawmakers would have to actually talk to each other! They will certainly have to in order to address... 6/
...severe budget contractions into FY 2021-22. It’ll require representatives who read beyond ALEC talking points or reactionary social media feeds. https://bit.ly/3bBNDEK  is a good start. Meantime, join us in supporting all “down-ballot” initiatives in MO & KS & #VoteEarly /end
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