Sergio Reguilon updates:

-Monchi confirms that Sevilla would love to have Reguilon back. But hard to compete financially with other rivals.

-COPE: United best placed but don’t like the idea of the buy-back clause.

-Cadena Ser: IF United want Reguilon they can get him. €30m.
- @fraporzio95: United are in talks with Reguilon’s agent.

- Mondo Napoli: Reguilon is getting further away from Napoli.

- @FabrizioRomano: United have been offered Reguilon by his agent, they will soon decide.

- @sidlowe: Reguilon is actively looking at the Premier League.
- Football UA: Sergio Reguilon likes the idea of playing in the Premier League and personally prefers a permanent move.

- AS: Zidane has a preference for Mendy and Marcelo, Sergio Reguilon will almost certainly move on.
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