Don’t hate me, but I think the left’s response to Extinction Rebellion has been a bit counterproductive. Activists organised one of the largest campaigns of civil disobedience in history and - instead of engaging with them - people just kinda screamed at them on twitter.
It is clear that the climate movement has a lot of learning to do. But, to be honest, the left does too. One of the things I am always surprised about is how few people really understand what they are criticising. About how a mass movement works and how to work alongside them.
That is not to downplay the work that leftwing people do in the movement. Nor to downplay the problems with Extinction Rebellion, which I have written lots about... I just think there is a lot the left got wrong here too, ya know. Just strategically, if nothing else.
ANYWAY... we do have to find ways of engaging with other activists in a more open, honest, and constructive way. And we must also never stop holding other activists to account... these conversations rarely productive on here anyway.... okay, bye now... *runs away, logs off*...
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