“Elderly Australians who don’t want to go into a nursing home can apply for a taxpayer funded home care package - ranging from almost $9000 a year for someone needing a little help to just over $50,000 a year for someone with high level needs.” - @anneconnollyabc #abc730 #auspol
“But instead of the money going directly to the person needing care, it goes to a middle man - a home care provider who manages the money and who can take fees of 30-40-50 per cent or more.” - @anneconnollyabc #abc730 #auspol
“The Government doesn’t regulate those fees because it wants to promote competition but others say most elderly people aren’t capable of shopping around.” - @anneconnollyabc #abc730 #auspol
“I think it's reasonable that there is a level of competition in the market, that's how you drive down the cost of the provision of care,” Aged Care Minister @richardmcolbeck told #abc730 in March. #auspol
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