There’s plenty of reasons ppl don’t want to pick fruit:
- wage theft
- poor conditions
- no supports for workers with families
- abuse

Just ask the visa workers how bad it can be.

Stop blaming workers & start asking why the industry is so rotten.
1.5yrs ago the Fed Govt said they had ‘accepted, in principle, all 22 recommendations.’

Including that serious breaches of exploitative conduct be met with jail time, and a national licensing scheme for labour hire operators.

The recommendations still haven’t been implemented.
& some employers & their politician mates claim #JobSeeker is preventing them from employing ppl which is astonishing when you consider it equates to little more than $15/hr full time. They’re literally saying employers can’t compete with $4hr below the legal minimum.
& some farmers force workers to rent run down share house for $100’s week for the privilege of having a job.
If you’re a farm worker experiencing exploitation or you’ve seen it in your industry, make sure you have joined @UnitedWorkersOz to help fight to clean this industry up.
The good farmers know this is going on - they need to demand the @NationalFarmers do more to clean the industry up & the @The_Nationals start doing something for farmers instead of pandering to big mining and the Liberals.
Lastly Australia’s dodgy trade deals need to be fixed which all too often are used to justify the creation of the visa frameworks that end up being exploited.

Australia needs Fair Trade not Free Trade.
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