tw // sexual assault

what's happening with wj and kjw and every accusation going around; a thread:
before getting into everything, a disclaimer.
Take everything here with a grain of salt, this thread is not to defame anyone or discredit any victims but to prevent speculations and bizzare accusations.
twt about w00jin:

@/a1b3c4s9 made a twt regarding their sexual assault allegation against kim woojin, the soloist.
(yes, I'll be using the term allegation because it isn't proven)
twt about jungw00 and n€t:

since all the chinese accounts were discredited and proven to be fake, any allegations made against jungw00 and n€t were false. Please refrain from believing every source. The timelines also didn't match for jungw00 and n€t.
twt about senior lee:

there are mentions of a senior lee from big3 who can be anyone since it is a vague description (my assumption, it's seungri) . Again, this too was twted by a chinese acc so take it with a bag of salt.
further updates will be posted once we get clearer picture of the situation. this isn't to discredit any victims.
credits to:
@yoonieskey for helping me sort things
@chillimingyu for their ss
@Jungwooo05 for the jungw00 schedule
@heeyawns for trans
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