(issa thread)

Lie: I am ready to resume as soon as you need me.

Truth: Can you just be paying me while I sit at home and wait?
Lie: It’s not even about the money, it’s about passion.

Truth: Yimu.
Lie: I work well under pressure.

Truth: If you stress me too much, I will jus die.
Lie: In 5 years time, I still see myself in this company.”

Truth: If I see a better job, I go jakpa
Lie: need this job because I have passion for this job and it's my dream job

Truth: abeg I need this job I no wan die of hunger
Lie: of course I can manage additional responsibilities

Truth: I am professionally lazy, I can die if you give me more work.
Lie: this is how much I earned at my previous job.

Truth: I have inflated the peanut I was earning by 3 in the hopes that I can finally leave poverty behind. For good.
Lie: I don’t mind the distance.”
Truth: Cries internally.
Lie: I can work long hours.

Truth: I was only joking o, I can sleep for long hours
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