Does Netflix’s Recent Move Vindicate Music Streaming Platforms?

I’ve in the past read pieces on ‘how music streaming platforms should level up & increase artist revenue’ by taking a cue from the business model of Netflix & co, with many suggesting that they increase sub fee.
FYI: Since over a decade of launching, Spotify still operates with the same subscription fee.
I read such with a pinch of salt and my reaction is always “the ideal things are often imaginary”, reason why I’m not so big on opinion pieces as many are a stretch from reality or practicality per time.
I deem such a take as impractical because the business model of Netflix and the likes is tied around EXCLUSIVITY, whereby they produce their own content and compete to buy content from networks not playing the in-house streaming game [yet].
Reason why they can afford to increase pricing or even place a premium on select releases [re Mulan release on Disney+].
While Spotify’s and co is tied around ‘UBIQUITY’ whereby you can get the music about anywhere else if the subscription fee for one platform becomes relatively unfavourable, reason why it seems they’re now doubling down on podcasts - out of many reasons for...
relative exclusivity as well, so that they can probably introduce premium pricing.
Basically, music streaming services can't just increase subscription fees. Since over a decade, Spotify is yet to increase its subscription fee, except some 10% increase experiment it did in Scandinavia that has since stayed.
Only possible instance here might be each major label having their own streaming service, where they upload catalogue of artists on their roster and go head to head - that might just be about it, (a stretch still).
It’s however interesting to see Netflix now letting non-subscribers sample content for free.

Netflix recently unveiled Netflix Watch Free, a free sample feature that lets non-paying members watch some of its highest-performing original shows and movies.
This is actually different from the usual month-long free trails offered to first-timers. Also interesting here is that they are truncating relative barriers to ease user access - entering user details and billing information (which many people like myself find tiresome).
Before a free episode or film begins, a 30-second ad plays and upon reaching the program’s end, viewers are prompted to join the service in order to watch more.
Netflix is probably nearing saturation point and seeking ways to unlock new audiences. Also, as SVOD platforms begin to spring up in droves, this is probably its own way to stay the course.
It might interest you to know that Netflix used to be vocal about disinterest in the ad-funded model but it seems this move is putting that dream to rest. 

I mean, it's 2020, tell me what’s impossible! 🤷
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