Just to add context to this comment I made in the @BlkinGeoscience #Georacism panel, I want to state that it arose from the reasonable question, "What is the biggest barrier to Black inclusion in Geoscience?". [SHORT THREAD] #BlackInGeoscienceWeek #BiG https://twitter.com/RowanMartindale/status/1303064975984992258?s=20
In my mind, such questions are not super-helpful because: (1) (unbelievably...) not all Black people are the same! We all have very different life experiences, so our challenges (and solutions) may differ greatly. Our barriers are individual...
(2) answering questions such as this with a singular response runs the risk of people saying, "Well, let's simply fix university admissions, or fieldwork, or student financial support, etc...", without realises a fuller, more comprehensive set of solutions are required...
And (3) Although removing barriers is important...as critical is ensuring they don't return when, for example, the current (J)EDI chairperson moves on, or the sound of the #BLM movement starts to fade. We have to be here for the long-haul. The barriers need burning. [END THREAD]
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