Thankyou for defining what hyperbole looks like 🤭

in your headline hunting eagerness to play off Hindus as some backward community , it seems you forgot to check the rest of the article🤭

Reminder us again, is the dewaswom board & it's appointments run by Sangh Parivar ?

For those who don't know , prayar Gopalakrishnan is the INC MLA from kollam.

What's even more hillarious is that this discriminatory order was countersigned & endorsed by the "secular" communist minister for devaswom kadakampally surendran .

See, the problem with just reading the headline is that you miss the forest for the http://trees.In  a fit of headline hunting hypocrisyshe chose the headline by known embellisher TA ameeruddeen.

Below are two articles on the same matter. Notice anything different ?

The "Malayala Brahmin" part is another example of such obliqueness. It implies that the priest regardless of caste must be well versed in the so called 'Malayali' rituals.

Or Did you really think that ritual temple rituals are the same all over bharatha ?

Cc: @vsvs999

It's always funny to me when Communists keep accusing the sangh of discrimination When they themselves have never elected a dalit to their PB , let alone a temple.

Contrast that with Sangh Parivar, who then & now work towards the upliftment of all in the hindus community.

Be it #Rammandir or #sabarimala , Hindus can choose who & how they want themselves to be represented

We don't need validation from so called secularists blinding Hindus to the pitfall of self-flagellation.

& We definitely don't need Misotheists to tell us how to he hindu

Notjustmy opinion , but that of Vishnuprasad, the first Dalit priest in TDB. In an interview given to Kesari who Proudly carried his picture as the cover story.

he goes on to say it’s all the effort of RSS Pracharak MadhavJi who founded Tantra Vidya Peetham for non-Brahmins

So to reiterate , madamme(?) , your claim that , " ജാതി സർട്ടിഫിക്കറ്റ് ഇല്ലാത്ത ഹിന്ദു പൂജിക്കാൻ അനുവാദം ചോദിച്ചു വന്നാൽ മേൽശാന്തി ആക്കില്ല" is not only toxic & reductive , it has zero basis in facts

As for your Ignorance regarding the entry of non Hindus into sacred hindu temples , I defer you to see Rule 3 a of the Temple Entry Act 1965.
Specifically where it says 'non-hindus are not allowed into the places of worship"

Hope this clarifies.🤗

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