Speculation thread of Trump campaign being broke 1/9

Not about Trump being broke. We knew that. He is the least affluent person the planet has ever seen. The only person who has managed to amass a PERSONAL debt of over $1 Billion dollars (to Putin, Saudi etc)

He is #Debtonaire
Trump campaign broke 2/9

Is his campaign broke? We do know that the NRA has always been a big supporter of campaigns. In 2016 when Hillary had more funding than Trump (by a wide margin) the NRA stepped in with unprecedented amounts, dumping Texas-sunken-boatloads of millions
Trump campaign broke 3/9

So now the NRA is being investigated, turned out to be corrupt to the bone. It will be shut down (by New York Attorney General) & unable to assist ANY in GOP for 2020.

One of GOP biggest billionaires, Addelson pulled all support of Trump.
Trump campaign broke 4/9

Why do big Billionaire donors quit support? Because they are INVESTORS, and see a futile campaign. They in particular don't appreciate corruption, where the campaign STEALS their money (unless it has been agreed). So Brad Parscale level corruption..
Trump campaign broke 5/9

The time to spend TV ad money is NOW. Immediately after the Convention, to bolster that message (whatever it supposedly was). Trump campaign has gone essentially dark. In HIS case, needs MORE advertising because race is so immovable, Trump locked behind
Trump campaign broke 6/9

Any genuine Billionaire could step in and self-fund at least part of this race, and lend it money, collect that back as things improve & money rolls in. But Trump is broke himself. It is HIGHLY LIKELY that most big-money donors are cutting back also
Trump campaign broke 7/9

The Trump campaign has spent $800 MILLION already for 2020. And seen NO movement in the polls. He was behind by 7 points in Spring. He is down by 7 points today. If Biden can hold this 7 points to November, it is a landslide bigger than Obama 2008
Campaign broke 8/9

When a campaign collapses, it happens usually because it has run out of money. Staffers don't get paid, the last crucial steps don't get done towards election day. Their advertising goes dark. Those campaings turn from bad to disasters. And rats jump off
Trump campaign broke 9/9

This is no time to be complacent. It is 8 weeks. We are ahead, they are behind. But we must push. Work hard every day. We are witnessing the final downfall of Donald Trump. He will end up in prison.

Just do not give up now. Keep pushing. Keep pushing.
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