The affidavit filed by Maharashtra Govt in SC in #PalgharSadhusLynching case is totally dissatisfactory.

MH govt has submitted that they've conducted departmental enquiry against the policemen and taken departmental actions against them.

They've also submitted in court that
there is no need of CBI investigation in this case.

The affidavit filed by MH govt clearly suggest that Maharashtra Govt doesn't want proper investigation in this case, and also doesn't want to deliver justice to #HinduSadhus, who were
lynched to death in presence of those policemen.
The tragic event which happened in #Palghar on Apr 16 clearly shows that Police was complicit in lynching and the fact has been submitted by the petitioner in the case Adv. @shashank_ssj
It must be kept in mind that all the accused got bail only due to delayed chargesheet filed by MH Police. Members of NCP were seen in the mob scene. They are not named as accused in case.
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