31 years from now, Mumbai's outfall levels, or points where the city's drains and sewers enter the Arabian Sea, can be below the sea level. If that happens, the back flow of water from the sea can submerge us. [Thread]
Architecture students at the School of Environment and Architecture (SEA) tried to understand what could be done. They picked Borivali and created a flooding-risk map. The pink line is the projected high tide line in 2051.
Then they created a map marking the settlements that would be vulnerable. They found that nearly 23% of the urbanised area in Borivali will be submerged during a high rainfall + high tide event. One in every five people in “squatter settlements” is vulnerable.
They classified the area into five zones: 0 to 4, (0 most vulnerable, 4 the least) and came up with solutions such as stream beds/ holding ponds, replanting mangroves in Zones 0/1 and designs for flood-resistant built form in others.
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