For the 1000th time:

PR is not Marketing.
PR is an abbreviation for Public Relations. Public relations is concerned with creating & managing a brand, business, persons, REPUTATION & public image, through the strategic management of the relationships between stakeholders & the public
Public relations enhances a company’s image, builds goodwill and attracts investors, customers, media and other associates.
PR activities include (but are not limited to:
•strategic communications
•stakeholder engagement
•relationship building
•story telling
The different kinds of PR are:
1. Media Relations
2. Investor relations
3. Government Relations (lobbying)
4. Community Relations
5. Internal Relations
6. Customer Relations
7. Marketing Communications (focusing on integrated marketing)
8. Crisis management
An Example of PR:
The founder of your business gets selected as Forbes 30 under 30.
Your PR practitioner secures media interviews on various media platforms to showcase your award & bolster your business reputation by highlighting your achievements.
Another example is the #clickmustfall crisis. A PR practitioner would be appointed to help Clicks navigate through the crisis and improve their public image as well as facilitate critical conversations with other stakeholders at Clicks.
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