Did the Salaf label innovators by way of their names?

Let's see an example:

"When Sufyaan ath-Thawree came to Basrah he began to look into the affair of ar-Rabee’ bin Subaih and the people’s estimation of him. He asked them, ‘What is his madhhab (Aqeeda)?’, and they said,
‘His madhhab is but the Sunnah’. He then asked, ‘Who is his companionship?’ and they replied, ‘The people of Qadr’ so he replied, ‘In that case he is a Qadari’." Al-Ibaanah (2/453)

Rather by way of this labelling by the Salaf we know the names of jahmiyya, mutazillah, qadariyya
Khawarij, Murji'ah, Rafidha and other than them.

So if now a man with a diseased mind comes to you and tries t oi argue that labelling is not permissible, then tell him what's in this thread.

Differentiation by way of labelling is what's intended here.

If he's a khariji then
Laymen know to stay away from him.

If he's a Jahmi then laymen know not to sit with him

And we call them by way of these names of course if the y fit the criteria so that we can differentiate Ahlus Sunnah from Ahlul Bid'ah, this differentiation becomes even more important
When you take into account these groups ascribe themselves to Ahlus Sunnah,

In order to show laymen that they are not from Ahlus Sunnah we label them.

Bin laden is a khariji terrorist
Menk is a misguided deobandi innovator
Anwar Awlaki is a khariji
Hamza yusuf is a Quburi etc..
As for some speech of the scholars, it must be understood within context of gathering their speech.

Because Salafi Ulema do not oppose the Salaf alhamdulilah.

In one context due to seeing a need for unity a scholar may say don't label each other but in another he will label
The fatwa of the scholar is also dependent upon the questioner, and how he words it.

We've seen on the apparent some fatawa of the scholars which seem to oppose the Salaf but in reality it doesn't, it's just the way the questioner worded the question the Shaykh ended up answerin
For another subject/question.

So if you see people uploading ambiguous fatawa of the Ulema which on its apparent is opposing the Salaf, don't be hasty and slow down and wait and study, you will come to realise what the intent of the scholar and what's the intent of the deviant..
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